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How do I login to Canvas?

  • Students and Families,

    We will begin using the Canvas platform on Monday, August 17, 2020, so stay tuned for more information about that.

    If you have already visited your Clever page, you will see this link there, too. 

    To log in to Canvas, you will go to:  My NCEdCloud

    1. Use your lunch number as your username.

    2. Your password is the same one you use for iStation if you are in Kindergarten through 5th Grade. (If you don't remember, send an email to your teacher or contact the school.)

    3. Once you log in, select the Canvas button to begin your learning. 

    4. Have fun!

     AT HOME INSTRUCTONS if you are logging in on a school device or personal device:

    Connecting to your home wifi network.

    Open Google Chrome Browser and go to the website you want to visit.

    You will be prompted by ZScaler to sign-in. Use YOURSTUDENTID is your lunch number.

    You will then be prompted to sign-in a second time. Use and password. Your password is your birthdate (MMDDYYYY). Remember if your birth month or day is only one digit, use a 0 (zero) before the month number. Ex) January would be 01.

    Parents Access to Canvas

    Click on link below to download Step-by-Step Instructions Guide on how to use the Canvas App to create a parent account and observe child work on Canvas.

    Use link below for link to pdf document

    Canvas Parent Guide (pdf link)