• Archer families and students,

    This is a challenging time.  If you are feeling sad, anxious, frustrated or depressed, please reach out to those around you and let them know that you need support.  I have listed some resources - local mental health resources and also websites that may be useful to you and your children.  Please click on the "Local counseling referral list" and "Helpful websites for parents and children" to the left of this, to see those.  

    I have also included a list of food pantries in Greensboro which I downloaded from the Second Harvest Foodbank website.  I edited their spreadsheet to only include the food banks in Greensboro.  They support many food pantries in northwest North Carolina.  Their website is https://www.secondharvestnwnc.org/.  You may need to go to their website to find the most current information.  

    Enrollment has all been moved online now.  You can click here to go to the GCS Student Assignment web page for instructions on how to enroll.  The GCS student portal for remote learning can be accessed here.  

    I can be reached through email at, kirkmaa2@gcsnc.com or at our school at (336)294-7335.  GCS has a Youth Crisis hotline.  You can speak to a mental health counselor at 336-332-7295.  The hotline is open from 7 am until midnight.  If you are having an emergency, call 911.  

    Be gentle with yourselves and each other,  

    Ms. Kirkman

Flowering Almond