• Online Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Starting on Monday, March 23, teachers will begin online instruction through the CANVAS Learning Management Platform (LMS).  

    Students can access CANVAS using their Powerschool login information.  

    Link to Powerschool and Canvas

    • If you are unable to log in, contact one of your teachers via email and they can assist with resetting your password.
    • To ensure that you are able to connect with your classes on Monday, please take a look at your CANVAS account and click on Courses to see a list of what you are enrolled in. 

    If you or someone you know does not have access to a computer or laptop from your home, please have them contact one of their teachers to help facilitate getting a device.


    For Parents

    Parents can observe student's online classes by pairing with their account. 

    * Here is how it is done: 

    1. Parents log into their student's Canvas Account.
    2. On the left hand side of the screen click the Account button.
    3. Choose Settings.
    4. On the right hand side of the Settings screen, click on Pair with Observer.
    5. They will be given a code that they can enter in the Canvas app

    REMINDER:  Classes do not start in Canvas until Monday, March 23, and even then it is a soft launch.  This is a new world for most of our students and teachers.  We are all working hard to provide some consistency and continuity using tools that are new to us in these very strange times.  It is expected that there will be some "hiccups" especially since the whole world will be using these tools at the same time.