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    Here you will find what we hope will be helpful resources for you as we navigate our new distance learning programs.  You can always contact your child's teacher, you can find their e-mail under our Staff Link.


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    Music Dept. Re-Entry Plan                              music re-entry button


    Mendenhall Music Department Re-entry Guidelines

    Per GCS District Administration officials:

    GCS arts courses should be included in face-to-face instruction plans where each arts educator is teaching his or her curriculum on a routine basis.

    Refer to the GCS Arts Ready Plan for how those courses can be conducted safely.



    GCS recommends following the Colorado Aerosol Study recommendations: https://www.nfhs.org/articles/unprecedented-international-coalition-led-by-performing-arts-organizations-to-commission-covid-19-study/



    Students will wear special slit masks and use bell covers on instruments.

    We will play our instruments no more than 25 minutes at a time.

    No students will share a wind instrument

    Percussion will be sanitized per Percussive Arts Society guidelines

    Band will take place in the band room which can hold up to 20 students socially distanced.



    ♫Students will wear masks.

    ♫ No students will share instruments

    ♫Orchestra will take place in the orchestra room which can hold up to 20 students socially distanced.



    ♪ Students will wear masks.

    ♪ Students will be humming and performing on various instruments that will be sanitized per NAfME guidelines.

    ♪ Chorus will take place in the chorus room which can hold up to 20 students socially distanced.

    Instruments and music should be kept in the band, chorus, and orchestra rooms where they can be locked. Directors have been included in discussions on how to properly sanitize their equipment.

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    LOGIN INFORMATION for NCEdCloud / PowerSchool / Canvas:


    1. Open Google Chrome. 
    2. Click in the white bar at the top and type my.ncedcloud.org (click the link or be sure to put a period between my and NCEdCloud if you are typing in address)
    3. Enter the student ID number as the username

                     The student ID number is the same number as a student’s lunch number/library number, etc.   

    1. Enter the new password- Mustangs2021
    2. Once you are logged in then you will see your home screen. 
    3. On your home screen, you will see multiple applications.  In the top left corner, you should see the red app that says Canvas. 
    4. Click on Canvas and you will be taken to your Canvas Homepage. 
    5. Once you are on your homepage, you should be in your Dashboard which shows all of your courses in a card view.  You could also go to the menu bar on the left and click on Courses to see your courses in a list view.