• Summer reading! 900 minutes earns you food and fun! background image of city park park with jumping bitmoji

  • Donuts! Pizza! Ticket to Kersey Valley!

    Read 900 minutes between June 11 and August 25.
    Complete your reading log by September 1.

    Everyone who reads 900 minutes is invited to a pizza party in the library and gets a ticket to Kersey Valley to be used at the Corn Maze or Spookeywoods!

    The homeroom with the highest participation gets donuts when we return to school! 

    Record your minutes on the digital reading log form (scroll down to find it!)
    Turn in a written reading log to the school library (use the reading logs on the right or keep your own on a piece of paper).


    Hint: Ms. Cravey doesn't care what the reading log looks like as long as you are READING!

Summer Reading Log - complete this when school starts!