• Parents, there is a lot of information and specific directions that will be communicated to you prior to workouts beginning on .......... The information below is what is important presently.  Please understand that this is not what we want our summer workouts to look like but this is a start to hopefully returning to some sort of normalcy.  As more information is provided please make sure you are following the specific directions of where to be, where to drop off, when to pick up and all relevant directions.   The number of athletes per site is 25 including coaches.  This is why it is so important to drop off your paperwork and communicate with your coaches so they can schedule the correct number of athletes at the appropriate time.  If there is any sort of issue, your athlete will not be able to participate in summer workouts.      

    1. The attached documents are required to be turned in prior to beginning workouts.  If any paperwork is missing your athlete cannot be on campus.  If your athlete has symptoms and or is running a temperature they cannot be on campus. 
      1. A medical history, NCHSAA Initial screening Screening Questions Document 
      2. A current physical Participation Physical Form.  There is an attachment on what consists of a current physical -  Current Physical Definitions.   
      3. A COVID-19 Student Release form
    2. There is a daily check-in questionnaire, and temperature check in order for your athlete to participate daily.
    3. Paperwork turned in on the start date will be taken but the athlete will not be allowed to stay.  Coaches will notify the athlete as to when and what group they will be assigned for workouts.  These groups cannot change.  Coaches will provide more detailed information on what, when and how workouts will take place.
    4. If a student displays symptoms or has diagnosed and treated for COVID-19, the following forms must be signed by a Licensed Health Care Provider and Parent/Legal Custodian                   Return to play form for signs/symptoms consistent with COVID-19                                                                                                                                                                               Return to play form for diagnosed and treated for COVID-19


    The following dates coaches will be on campus to pick up athletic packets!


    Baseball               1/20                       4:00-5:30              Baseball field


    W. Tennis             1/21                       3:30-5:00              Tennis courts


    Wrestling             1/19                       4:00-5:30              Front of School in the circle


    Track                     Will announce upon completion of XC Season



    For more information please follow up with your specific athletic team coach:


    Football - Erik Westberg westbee@gcsnc.com

    M. Soccer - Aaron King kinga@gcsnc.com

    M & W. Golf - Ted Bonham thbonham@gmail.com

    W. Tennis - Luster Parker lptennis2018@gmail.com

    XC & Track - Thanh Ngo ttngo1@gmail.com

    Volleyball - Audrey Hoffman hoffmaa@gcsnc.com

    Softball - Russ Dorrell dorrelr@gcsnc.com

    Baseball - Landon Kimrey kimreyl@gcsnc.com

    M. Lacrosse - Anthony Meley amm3031@live.com

    W. Lacrosse - Ashlynn Parks ashlynn.parks@greensboro.edu

    W. Soccer - Frank Tamborino franktambo@aol.com

    M. Tennis - Andrew McDowell mcdowea@gcsnc.com

    W. Basketball - Kim Furlough furlouk@gcsnc.com

    M. Basketball - Kellen Parrish parrisk@gcsnc.com

    Wrestling - Justin Hardy justin.harty502@gmail.com

    Swimming - Mary Elizabeth Caldwell mc8bq@virginia.edu

    Cheerleading - Royale Dawkins lundy.royale13@yahoo.com

    Marching Band - Kiyoshi Carter carterk@gcsnc.com

    GCS High School Athletics Calendar for 2020-2021


    Conditioning Period

    (Max 2 Days Per Week)

    Skill Development

    (Max 4 Days Per Week)

    NCHSAA Start Date

    Volleyball and Cross Country

    September 28

    October 12

    November 4

    Swimming & Diving and Marching Band

    October 12

    October 26

    November 23

    Basketball & Cheerleading

    October 19

    November 9

    December 7

    M Soccer, M Lacrosse, and W. Lacrosse

    November 9

    December 1

    January 11


    November 30

    January 4

    February 8

    M/W Golf, M Tennis, W Soccer, and Softball

    January 4

    February 1

    March 1

    Baseball, W Tennis, Track & Field, and Wrestling

    January 20

    March 15

    April 12