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    Welcome!  I am Toks Wall.  I am Morehead Elementary's PROUD Curriculum Facilitator!

    I have been in education for 13 years.  I started my journey as an educator at a charter school.  For the last nine years, I have proudly served the students of Guilford County Schools.  My journey in education began as an older adult.  I attended the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (AGGIE PRIDE) to become a lawyer in hopes of advocating for those that could not do it on their own.  While that desire to make law my profession was not fulfilled (yet) I quickly realized that I still held a strong desire to advocate for those that could not advocate for themselves.  Who better to do that for than children and what better profession than education?!  While not a certified teacher at the charter school, I decided after recovering from my first kidney transplant that I needed to become a certified educator.  As a result, I obtained my teaching certification and masters degree from the wonderful Greensboro College.  Soon after, I obtained my masters of administration from the great University of North Carolina at Greensboro.   

    I was afforded the honor of educating scholars at Steinberger Elementary and a few years later I began teaching scholars at Montlieu Elementary.  I knew that I desired to be a change advocate in a greater capacity so I pursued and was awarded the opportunity to be accepted to the Piedmont Triad Leadership Academy.  During my learning and coursework with PTLA I served as a principal intern at Southern Middle School.  Since then, I have served as a math coach and a curriculum facilitator.  I continue to aspire to become an administrator but I have spent the last 5 years serving the phenomenal scholars, staff, families and community of Morehead Elementary. I feel honored and blessed to serve at Morehead! I believe that Morehead has the BEST students, staff, families and community in the world!  My responsibility at Morehead is to support the staff so that ALL scholars receive the education they deserve in an equitable manner and to help fill their toolboxes with what they need to be successful, sufficient and excel in endeavors they choose while at Morehead and well beyond.  At Morehead, everyone works hard, all the time, and no one person, role, or responsibility is greater than the next.  We all work collectively to ensure that our scholars excel. 

    I would be remiss if I didn't mention my wonderful family.  I am a daughter to two wonderful parents, a sibling to the three best sisters and brother in the world.  A proud wife and an even prouder mother of 3 wonderful children, Cameron (18), Jordan (16) and Callie (6)!  They are my three strongest heartbeats and my purpose!  Without this strong unit of family I wouldn't be who I am.  My children remind me daily of why I chose this profession and who I am advocating for.  I see their faces in each and every child that I serve!

    I don't take the honor of being an educator lightly.  In fact, the older I become, my desire to see ALL scholars demonstrate excellence and be the best version of themselves grows and intensifies.   I am here to support our scholars foremost but I realize that in order to do that I must support and collaborate with our staff, families, district, and community to the fullest extent.  

    If you should ever need my support or have any questions and/or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me.  

    In the best interest of all scholars,

    Toks Wall