• PTA Minutes from Feb. 5th, 2019


    The PTA Officers for Madison Elem. for 2018-19 are:


    Dr. Danielle A. Harrison-President 


    2018-2019 PTA Board Members 

    Mrs. April Jones- Vice President  



    Mr. Elijah Williams- Treasurer 



    Mrs. Emily Plummer- Secretary 





    PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION (PTA) Board Meeting & General Member Meeting Agenda 


     6:30pm-7:00pm; 8:15pm-8:45pm (Face to Face & Electronic Board Meeting); 7:00-7:30pm (General Member Meeting) 

    Madison Elementary  

    Participants: A. Jones, E. Williams. & D. Harrison (Recorder) 




    1. Fundraising 
    • Due to the holiday fundraiser, the PTA received a profit of $1,300; a total of $3,200 was raised in sales.  
    • Williams has mailed the monies to Believe Kids 
    • The board is considering other avenues for fundraising at some of the upcoming school-wide events 
    1. Upcoming Activities/Events 
    • The next PTA Skate night is 1/15/2018  
    • The Board voted to have a Candy-Gram exchange for the Valentines holiday.  A. Jones, the Engagement Committee and the Board will collaborate on sending out communication, along with instructions, via the school to go home with students.  The Candy-Grams will be purchased for $0.50. The PTA is working on having this information available prior to the January Skate night. 



    1. Committee Updates 
    • Membership-Harrison mentioned that PTA members’ participation is declining significantly and in order to meet the needs of the school, our students, and our staff, that parents’ are encouraged to actively participate.  
    • Participation will continue to be solicited during school-wide events, via newsletter, and calling/e-mailing PTA Members. 
    • Harrison discussed the need to actively encourage others to join the PTA and to potentially seek upcoming 2019-20 PTA Board opportunities. 
    • Advocacy & Engagement- Jones mentioned the need of volunteers for the spring 2019 events that are presently being planned.  
    • Participation has been solicited to active committee members for conference-call meetings. Jones will continue to solicit participants and encourages all members to lend a helping hand. 
    1. Other Items 
    • The SPICE Grant has not been awarded to any schools, yet.  Harrison stated that she reached out to the Local PTA Chapter regarding the SPICE GRANT and she was advised that the local schools will be contacted soon regarding their potential awards. The SPICE Grant will assist the PTA with funding a potential Title I Night as well as a major Spring Event. 


    1. Adjournment at 8:45 pm 
    • The next PTA Meeting Dates are as follows: 
    • 2/5 
    • 3/5 
    • 4/2 
    • 5/7 (final meeting and potential voting for the next PTA Board) 


    PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION (PTA) Board Meeting & General Member Meeting Agenda


     6:30pm-7:00pm (Board Meeting); 7:00-7:30pm (General Member Meeting)

    Madison Elementary Conference Room & Media Center

    In Attendance: A. Jones, P. Loschin, K. Anderson, D. Harrison (Recorder)




    1. Treasury Report/Budget
    • Harrison provided a summary of the recent PTA expenditures and profits to include:
    • $48 profit from the November 2018 Skate night
    • $1,000 projection of profits from Believe Kids sales
    • The PTA also agreed to reimburse for four (4) Terrific Kids Celebrations for the current school year. This will equate to approximately $300. 
    • A full treasury report will be provided after the Believe Kids Sales have finalized.


    1. Committee Updates
    • Jones indicated that notification was sent to committee members of the Advocacy/Engagement Committee for a 12/11/218 conference call. There was little to no participation. Additional attempts will be made for subsequent meetings.
    • Jones indicated hosting a conference call for the volunteer committee at a later date.
    • Harrison mentioned having members of the membership committee to set up PTA registration tables for all school-wide events. Harrison plans to request this from the membership committee members.
    • Other Items
    • The PTA plans to host holiday refreshments for the Madison Staff the before the Winter Break.
    • Believe Kids shipments are due for delivery to the school by 12/12/2018. A letter will be sent home for parents to pick up the student orders.
    • The next PTA Board and General Body meeting is scheduled for 1/8/2019.
    1. Adjournment 7:15pm





    6:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

    Madison Elementary Conference Room


    In Attendance: April Jones, Danielle Harrison, Penny Loschin, Kathy Anderson, Emily Plummer ( Recorder )


    I. Treasury Report/Budget

    * Skate Night brought in $102

    * The PTA is looking into having a Sponsored Walkathon

    * $1637 in Bank Account


    ll. Pta Enrollment

    * As of the 9/21 we have 39 Members!

    * Skate Night Winners McNeely's Class & Mrs C's Class


    lll. Committees

    * Audit Committee

    * Membership/Recruitment Committee

    * Advocacy/Engagement Committee

    * Fundraising Committee

    * These committees will need to get together & meet outside of PTA meetings


    lV. Other Items

    * Belive Kids Fundraiser Came in

    * Starts Oct 9th & Ends Nov 6th

    * Incentive for ordering online Free PTA membership if already joined then 1 Free Admission to the following Skate Night!


    V. Adjourn

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