Course Mission Statement: We will gain a life-long appreciation and love of reading, learn from literature what it means to be an global citizen, and trace the journey of the human experience across time, all while practicing fundamental 21st century reading and writing skills.


    Course Objectives: This course is designed to help you become creative and practical problem solvers, responsible and proficient users of technology and media, thoughtful communicators who read, write, listen and speak effectively in preparation for careers and/or post-secondary education.


    Course Description: To achieve these goals, we will study a variety of literary genres, as well as engage in different types of writing. This English course curriculum focusses on many kinds of literature from across the globe and throughout history, often illustrating the changes that have taken place in society across time periods. This journey through time allows you to explore and experience the changes in society’s attitudes and morals that have led to contemporary beliefs and values. We will be exploring this collective global identity along with analyzing how life experiences lead to a better understanding of the self. Every unit will contain an essential question that will enable us to establish connections between seemingly unrelated texts across genres and time periods.


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