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Welcome to the homepage of my teacher site!

I am very excited to be you or your student’s science teacher for the 2020-2021 academic year! My aim is to make science enjoyable and accessible to everyone in my class. I am passionate about teaching and I give my best effort to be effective at it. I expect students to give their best effort at learning.

This year will certainly look different than years past, but I still hold my students to high standards, because I know that they are capable. There are portions of each class that will be challenging, but I know that everyone can learn the material if they work hard and ask for help when they need it. Both in and outside of the classroom, I encourage my students to ask for help whenever they need it. I too will ask for help when I need it. To that end, parents and students, I will rely on your support and cooperation to ensure successful learning takes place. It would help me greatly if you would please reach out anytime you have questions or concerns. I’m happy to work with everyone as we endeavor to ask questions, uncover solutions, and even have a little fun this school year.

If you need help with anything at all, please feel free to email me at vannoyw@gcsnc.com or call/text my Google Voice number (336) 496-1779. I'm excited to be teaching these courses this year and I look forward to working with everyone to make these classes worthwhile learning experiences.

I am teaching three unique courses with multiple grade levels. If you reach out to me via email about something that needs my attention with one of these classes, or one of the students enrolled in the class, it would be helpful for me if you would include the following labels in the 'subject' line of the email.

For help with or questions about a topic related to a course, but not regarding a particular student, please title the email according to the class you are interested in using the following examples:

Subject: IB Environmental Systems

Subject: Biology

Subject: Anatomy and Physiology

For questions regarding the performance of particular students (IE: grades, updates, seeking tutoring, etc.) please title the email using the following examples:

Subject: Last name, First Initial, Grade Level, Course Title

Subject: Doe, J, 12, Anatomy and Physiology

Subject: Smith, B, 10, Biology