I am very excited to be teaching social studies at Southwest Guilford High School! I attended Western Carolina University for my social studies education degree, as well as my masters degree in United States history. My current classes are Founding Principles of Civics & Economics Honors and American History I Honors. Please see the information that I have provided concerning distance learning.
    -Phoebe Baker



    For parents and students during the Emergency shutdown of schools:
    Expectations:  Students are expected to log onto Canvas every day and complete the assignments within the course.THE DISTRICT HAS DECIDED THAT THIS DISTANCE LEARNING WINDOW WILL BEGIN FOR THE FIRST NINE WEEKS OF THE 2020-2021 ACADEMIC SCHOOL YEAR.  I will be providing material for the work they are to complete starting Monday, 8/17/2020.  
    It is important that students stay on task; it is important that parents help manage their student's time and activities. I will be giving students feedback on their completed assignments and logging in for live conferences via Microsoft Teams.  Students are to learn this material and complete the assignments. The daily materials will consist of the same activities and assessments that they would have on a normal day in school.  Students need to make sure that they take care of daily assignments since they will be given feedback, starting Monday, 8/17/2020.
    Accessing Canvas: