The Parent eLearning Experience

    (as the eLearning Coach)


    1. I enjoy the flexibility and school choice for my eLearner to engage in an innovative eLearning environment.

    • eLearning allows scheduling to accommodate health, recreation, jobs and unique family circumstances.


    2. I am an active and involved eLearning Coach.

    • Canvas eLearning management system immerses all learning tools in one place for ease of access and navigation.
    • The eLearning Coach emphasizes that eLearning courses are as important as face-to-face courses.
    • The eLearning Coach supports (integrates) digital solutions that allow for flexible pacing for students to move faster or slower to track their own eLearning progress towards their goals with constant feedback.


    3. I ensure my eLearner practices good time management.

    • The eLearning Coach assists eLearner in establishing and maintaining a realistic schedule for working on his/her eLearning courses.
    • It is important as the eLearning Coach to help eLearners arrange the necessary time in his/her schedule to be productive online.


    4. I hold my eLearner accountable to stay connected and engaged in the eLearning course from start to finish.

    • eLearning Coach reinforces the eLearner is and up to date using multi-channels of communication, video channeling opportunities, digital resources, on-demand trainings for student mastery, and through continuous teacher check-ins.
    • The eLearning Coach encourages the eLearner to participate in livestreaming events with peers, teachers, and guest speakers.
    • The eLearning Coach takes advantages of the full range of supports offered such as 1:1 personalized instruction, small group opportunities with peers, participation in whole group activities, and/or access to on-demand lessons.


    5. I am a member of the eLearning community, along with my eLearner and teacher.

    • eLearning Coach establishes an open line of communication between eLearner, teacher, and self.
    • eLearning Coach actively monitors and checks eLearner progress on a daily/weekly basis to ensure goals and student mastery is on track.
    • eLearning office hours with administrators, counselors, and teachers are used to stay abreast of everything happening in and outside the eLearning classroom.
    • eLearning Coach reviews the syllabus with the eLearner to ensure honest and clear expectations for eSuccess.


    6. I create an @Home eLearning Workspace with appropriate technology.

    • eLearning Coach is proactive in learning various digital tools that empowers the technological savvy of families.
    • eLearning Coach ensures eLearners materials kits are created and secured for eLabs. 
    • eLearning Coach arranges a study space, including the technology required, connectivity, lighting, desk, chair, etc.
    • eLearning Coach is prepared to resolve technical issues that may come up by utilizing the technical support resources and videos.


    7. I will continuously motivate, encourage, and support my eLearner.

    • The eLearning Coach encourages participation in eLearning social activities, clubs, field trips, mentorships, and events to celebrate and recognize eLearner achievements.
    • eLearning Coach will work with the eLearning teacher to continuously foster more powerful instruction and support experiences for eLearner.
    • eLearning Coach and eLearner agrees on incentives as well as and consequences.


    8. I know that my eLearner is learning.

    • The eLearning Coach knows that eLearning allows teaching and learning anytime, anyplace, and anywhere for core and elective subjects (Social Emotion Learning (SEL), Math, Energize, Music & Movement Breaks, Science, Reading, Physical Activity, Social Studies, Enrichment/intervention, Specials/Electives (Art, Global Languages, Music, CTE, PE), Literacy, Student Blogging, Coding Across the Curriculum, Gaming, and continuous Teacher/Student/Parent Check-ins).


    Download the Parent Learning Experience (English)