The Student eLearning Experience 


    1. I am seen and heard like every other student; I am part of the eLearning community. When eLearners select eLearning schools and courses, they take greater ownership that is personalized and tailored to meet individual needs.


    2. I enjoy the flexibility and the innovative experiences of eLearning. eLearning allows instruction anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. The canvas eLearning management system immerses all learning tools in one place for ease of access and navigation.


    3. I eLearn in multiple ways. eLearners receive differentiation and a full range of supports offered such as 1:1 personalized instruction, small group opportunities with peers, participation in whole-group activities, and/or access to on-demand lessons.


    4. I interact and engage in activities that interest me. eLearners meet people outside their community in a safe environment, participating in virtual clubs and field trips, utilizing digital tools to distinguish learning.


    5. I believe eLearning is more relevant to the real world and my future. eLearners gain more experience using digital tools as critical thinkers, communicators, creators, and collaborators to prepare them for college, careers, and life to compete globally.


    6. I find pacing is flexible with goals that I can understand and master. eLearners can move faster or slower through assignments and track their own eLearning progress towards their goals with constant teacher feedback and check-ins.


    7. I eConnect with staff, peers, and others, unlimited by proximity. eLearners can access eLearning materials and digital resources – including local, state, and national eLearning experts – using digital communication tools. eLearners also can access and engage with students across the world.


    8. I receive timely support when I need extra help. Communicating outside the typical school day is part of the eLearning culture where eLearners and teachers are more accessible than in a face-to-face classroom environment.


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