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    Professional Overview:

    I have been in the education field for 16 years.  My professional experience includes providing instruction in English & Language Arts, Developmental English & Reading, and Adult Education courses in GED and ESOL.  The classes that I currently teach at Smith High School are 3Ls Approach to Literature, Developing Communication in Content Areas, & Expanding Communication in Content Areas.  


    Education & Training:


    I received my Bachelor's Degree in English from North Carolina A&T State University.  Additionally, I have obtained various ASE certifications through Appalachian State University.


    My "Why" For Teaching:


    My "Why" for doing what I do requires me to answer my C.A.L.L.I.N.G, which is to Create Alternative ways of Learning Lessons while Igniting New mindsets of Growth and lifelong learning.  As I thrive on creativity and helping others, I have found joy and fulfillment in the education field.  I believe in creating a student-centered environment that integrates and relates practical, real-world applications into the lessons--with the goal of creating an environment that fosters learning to promote success


    Contact Information:


    Email:  brownL7@gcsnc.com

    Phone:  336.515.0547 (call or text)




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