• Even though students are learning from home at this time, we would still like to provide an opportunity for your child to check out a book (or two) from the library.  Below are two options for you to make a request for books.  You can either follow the directions to select a specific title(s) or complete the interest form and the media specialist will select books you will enjoy!  Books will need to be picked up at school and returned in 3 weeks (both coordinated with your child's teacher).  If you have any questions about this process please send an email to the Media Specialist.

  • If you know the title of a book you would like to request or would like to search our online database to place a hold on a book, visit gofollett.com.  See the videos below for how to log into the system as well as how to place holds on books.

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  • If you are not sure of a specific title to request, but would still like to have a library book, please complete the following form below and your media specialist will pick a book they think you will enjoy!