• Zscaler Security Block? Here's what to do:

    1. Type in StudentID#@stu.gcsnc.com in username

    2. In next window, type in StudentID#@stu.gcsnc.com for username/ 8 digit birthday (mmddyyyy) for password


    Audio Issues on your School Laptop? Try this:

    1) Make sure your audio is not muted. Look at the F1 button - if there is an orange light, your sound is muted. Hold down the button until the light turns off.
    2) If the light will not go off, make sure your Function buttons are not locked. Look at the Fn button in the bottom left corner of your keyboard - if has a green light, all of the Function buttons are locked. To unlock them, hold down the Fn button and then tap Esc in the top left corner of your keyboard.
    If Steps 1 & 2 do not work:
    3) try toggling the volume using the +/- buttons on the right side of your laptop beside the headphone jack - and/or-
    4) click the speaker icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and try to change the volume with the on-screen control.
    If Steps 3 & 4 do not work:
    We are going to do a manual reset of the audio. Hold down the F2 (down volume) button until the on-screen volume bar (top left corner) flashes between 0 and X. Then hold down the power button on the laptop to force a shutdown. You need to hold the button until the laptop completely shuts off - the red light on the laptop will turn off, turn back on, then turn off a second time. At this point, you can turn the laptop back on and audio should work.
    Trouble Logging into the Device?


     It seems like something didn’t register correctly when you first logged in to the laptop at school. You will need to drive back to school and park close enough to the building to connect to the GCS Wifi network. You should log in, restart the computer, and then make sure they can log in one more time.

    If you are still having issues, they will need to call Tech Services: Windows Login Issues: 336-370-8179