• How can you help?


    How can I get involved in the Doris Henderson Newcomers School?

     All volunteers must register on the web at https://www.gcsvolunteers.com/. Volunteers can register at home, at work, at a local library or at school.  This volunteer registration also serves as criminal background check form.  After our volunteer coordinator has received notification from Guilford County Schools that the volunteer has been approved, appropriate staff will be contacted with the volunteer’s interest and contact information by email.  Staff interested in partnering with the volunteer will contact the volunteer and coordinate a schedule.  Volunteers should continue to sign in and out at the front office and wear a visitor badge. Volunteers are responsible for logging on and recording their own hours at GCSVolunteers.com.


    What needs does Doris Henderson Newcomers School have?


    Volunteer needs: classroom helper, reading buddy, lunch buddy, organizing the donations room, media assistant (shelving/checking out books), test proctor, office support (general clerical duties), etc.

    Supply Needs for Students: Notebooks, pencils, paper, glue sticks, back packs, pens, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, library books, native language-English dictionaries.


    Donations: monetary donations defray the cost of other items such as field trips, calculators, native language-English dictionaries, yearbook, etc.