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  • Welcome to the Sedgefield Media Center!

    Sedgefield Media Center


  • Welcome to Sedgefield!

    Welcome to the Sedgefield Media Center.   

    Mission Statement

    The Sedgefield Elementary Media Center seeks to create a 21st century learning environment that promotes lifelong learning by providing equitable access to information and teaching information literacy skills.  The library seeks to be a center of collaborative learning by working with teachers to produce students who think creatively and have an appreciation for literature.  The Sedgefield library will strive to maintain a collection that represents the diversity of our community and encourages our students to become globally responsible citizens.  


    Library Policies - Some Important Things to Know


    How often do students visit the library?

    Students come to the library for scheduled library lessons and book check-out every other week.  In addition, students may come to the library to return or get new books every morning from 7:05am to 7:30am during open circulation.  Students must check in with their classroom teacher prior to coming to the library.  

    How many books may be checked out at a time?

    Kindergarten - 1 book

    1st grade - 1 book prior to winter break, 2 books after winter break

    2nd grade - 2 books

    3rd grade - 3 books

    4th grade - 4 books

    5th grade - 5 books

    When are books returned to the library?

    Books are checked out for a period of two weeks.  Students may return books during their regularly scheduled media class or during open circulation in the mornings.  

    Overdue notices will be printed for materials that are not returned after two weeks.  Our library does not charge fees for overdue books; however, please remember other students may be waiting to borrow the same book.  Please be respectful and return books on time.  Students are expected to return overdue books before checking out new ones.

    Sometimes mistakes do happen! If a student receives an overdue notice and thinks the book was turned in, please send me a note.  I normally ask the student to check in his/her desk, cubby, classroom and at home.  I will also check the shelves for the book.  Also, be sure to check the date on the overdue notice to make sure it is a current notice.

    What if a book is lost or damaged?

    Accidents happen! If a book is damaged, please send it back to school with a note. Please do not try to repair the book on your own, as we have mending materials in the library to try to fix repairs.  If the book can be repaired, it will be returned to the shelf.  If the book cannot be repaired, a notice with the price of the book will be sent home with the student.  Please send the exact book to replace the damaged book, or cash or money order to cover the cost of the book.

    If a book is lost, you will receive a notice from the library indicating the cost of the book.  We can only accept cash or money orders.  Due to school policy, we cannot issue refunds once a book is paid for so please look everywhere!  I suggest looking for the book in all those special places, such as under the bed, in the closet, on bookshelves at home, etc., before paying for the book.  In lieu of payment, a brand new book of the exact title and format may be given in place of the lost book.  For example, if the lost book is a hardback copy of Bad Kitty, the book replacement must be a hardback or library-bound copy of Bad Kitty.