6th Grade

  • 3 composition books (1-ELA, 1-Sci, 1-SS)

    1 spiral notebook for math


    Colored pencils and markers

    Glue sticks

    Notebook paper

    Index Cards

    Sticky notes

    Graph paper


    Flash drive/USB

    Headphones with mic

    Planner/Agenda/Calendar Book


    Students should also plan to purchase their own copy of the novel, “The Devil’s Arithmetic” by Jane Yolen. We will use this book during the first 9 weeks for Language Arts. 

7th Grade

  • Glue stick


    Notebook paper

    Graph paper

    8.5 x 11 blank paper

    Construction paper


    Pencil sharpener

    Coloring pencils and markers

    Index cards

    Flash drive

    Headphones with mic

    Composition Notebook (For Language Arts) 

    TI-84 Graphing Calculator (optional for Math 1 students)

    The book Flush by Carl Hiaason for ELA (there are a few copies available in the Media Center)

8th Grade

  • Math: 

    • 3 Ring Binder (2 inches) 
      • This is a suggestion. Students should have some place to keep and organize their math notes and work.  
    • College Ruled Notebook Paper 
    • Graph Paper 
    • Pencils 
    • Pens/Highlighters (for checking and annotating work) 
    • TI-83/84 Calculator 
      • If you do not own a calculator, you can use the online calculator at https://www.desmos.com/calculator. I will give instructions throughout the year on how to use the Desmos calculator.  

    Language Arts:

    • College Ruled Notebook Paper
    • Pocket Folder or Binder
    • Optional for ELA 8: The House of the Scorpion or Fahrenheit 451
      • English I text options will be given at a later date!

    Social Studies:

    • College Ruled Notebook Paper
    • Pocket Folder or Binder

    Recommended to be used in all classes:

    • Agenda
    • USB
    • Headphones/ear buds
    • Writing utensils
    • Coloring materials (crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc)
    • Blank copy paper
    • Scissors
    • Ruler