Mr. Perry's Homepage

  • Welcome to Guilford eLearning University Prep(6-8) or GeUP for short. I am excited to have you in my Social Studies course this school year. We will be learning about the time before history was recorded all the way up to the beginning of the Dark Ages. Teaching has been part of my life for 23 years now and I am continuing to grow and learn new things everyday! I look forward to a great first year with you at GeUP!





Course Schedules

  • Class Times>>We are glad that you have chosen to join us at GeUP and as an asynchronous (when 2 events are not happening at the same time) learning institution students are encouraged to design a schedule that best meets both the individual students and family needs. Sitting down with your student and creating a plan for each day that includes at least one hour for each course as well as time for breaks and lunch will help them navigate the day more independently. By having this in place students have more ownership of the courses in the order they best work. If a student completes work earlier than scheduled they are encouraged to: look ahead at future assignments, check for missing work, make corrections and resubmit work or spend time getting a head start on another class. Please reach out for suggestions on how to best manage the time your student spends working on school-related matters. 


    Live Sessions>>>These live sessions are held EVERYDAY of the week for students to meet with the teacher around the content being taught. This also allows some time for students to meet and chat with one another. During this time students may also be asked to join small group discussions for additional support. 

    Time is woven into the schedule to provide the students time for breaks for the bathroom, lunch and to just stretch. We also want to encourage our students to use the time during the scheduled day to work on assignments so they can stay current with their work and be prepared with informed questions during class time. 

    Sychronous=Meeting during the assigned class times will occur on Tuesday and Friday of the week. There are 2 sessions per day, Session 1 is from 9:45-10:45 and Session 2 is from 12:30-1:30. (Individual students may be asked to attend a specific Session in order to provide academic support.) These sessions will include SEL activities connected to our unit, specific instruction on the content of the unit, and collaborative opportunities with the teacher and other students and time to have Q & A exchanges.

    Asychronous=During this time students will be expected to complete practice activites and complete assignments focused on the content of the current unit. Students will be working on their own during this time, but please reach out through Canvas, email or text if a question arises. 

    Core Labs= Meetings with smaller focus groups or one on one with students to assist them through the learning process. These sessions occur on Mondays and Thursdays of the week. There are 2 sessions per day, Session 1 is from 10:45-11:30 and Session 2 is from 2:15-3:00. 

     Winning Wednesday= We will be announcing our schedule and plans for instruction on these designated Enrichment days soon, be on the lookout for that announcement from the teachers. 

    Office Hours>>>>The office hours are for more individual needs of students, parents and guardians. Please reach out to schedule a time for us to meet on a more personal level or you may check in during the open times to see if a slot is available to meet at that time. Office Hours occur each day from 3:00 until 3:30 or as needed by appointment. Please reach out through Canvas, email or by phone or text to arrange a time to meet with the teacher. 


Getting Connected

  • How do I get started?

    Each day your student will need to log in to NCEdCloud and check into there CANVAS account. Once here they should first navigate to their HOMEROOM page and check in with the teacher in the designated "Attendance" icon. The next step is to head to class by going to your courses(by your designed schedule) and search for the month tabs. Once you open the correct month chose the week of work you are to complete. This will then display an "agenda" for the week and all of the activities and assignments for your student to complete. Since lessons often build on each other it is recommended not to skip around too much so that you can develop an understanding of the concepts being taught. 

    How do I communicate with the individual teachers?

    The best way to communicate with individual teachers is to reach out through the INBOX icon on the left of the course page in which you have a question or concern. Other ways include using the teacher's email address(found on the Homeroom page or welcome page for the course), by phone if the teacher has provided one, or using apps like REMIND(not all teachers have the same apps).

    We as teachers love to hear from our students and they are encouraged to not wait if a question arises. 

    How do I turn in work?

    This depends on the assignment and how the teacher has instructed you to turn things in, please read for this information or reach out further to the teacher. 

    Many of my assignments come directly through Canvas or other Google Tools, but it is important to always look for a SUBMIT button to be sure the work is being turned in to the teacher. 

    What if I have a problem with my computer?

    Although we are a virtual school many of our teachers are also learning the best practices with devices. Please reach out to them for guidance and if they cannot help they would be more than glad to search further for the answer to your questions. I also encourage my students to use search tools on their devices to ask questions on how to solve specific things. Because so many of us are using different types of devices it can often be challenging to find a one size fits all solution for everyone. Please also contact the school's resources to assist you with any issues----GeUp Website--for additional support.