Good afternoon.

    Wednesday, January 20, 2021 is the start of Semester 2.  Our daily schedule has changed!  Please see our social media or the Semester 2 presentation under the Parents Tab on our website for the full schedule.

    The schedule change request form is also posted under the parents tab.  We have mailed student schedules and the school daily schedule and these should arrive by this Tuesday.

    Again, the daily schedule is on our website and you can see your student’s schedule on Powerschool.

    As you know, we are NOT starting semester 2 face to face.  All high schools are moving to very similar schedules and increasing the daily and weekly amount of instructional time.  Please encourage your student to log on to first block Wednesday, January 20th at 10am.

    Also, Virtual School requests are still being accepted.  If you want your student to be remote for the rest of the school year and to be taught by Northeast teachers, please go to gcsnc.schoolmint.net to complete your application today.  Need help?  Call us or scroll down and see my easy-to-follow SchoolMint instructions!

    Thank you.

    Michael Harrison

    Counselor, Names G-N

    Northeast Guilford High School



    Your counselor





    This link takes you to GCS' links and logins:  https://sites.google.com/mygcsnc.com/studentportalgcs/home



    SchoolMint Application Instructions:

    Parents looking to enroll their students for virtual learning for the spring semester need to go to Schoolmint:

    Virtual Academy or GCS eLearning University Prep Academy (9-12)

    Information and FAQ’S can be found under Quick Links on the Guilford County website. Please visit www.gcsnc.com

    Step 1: Log in to SchoolMint from the GCS website at www.gcsnc.com

    Scroll down to “Quick Links”

    Click on “SchoolMint Registration”

    If you do not have a SchoolMint account, you must create one


    Step 2: Under Student Dashboard find the student’s name enrolling in the eLearning Program

    Beside the student’s name, click on the box that says “Add New Student Application”

    Click “Next”


    Step 3: Under “Please Select the School Year You Would Like to Apply to”

    There should be 2 boxes that are checked off and highlighted in blue

    Make sure the checkmark beside 2020-2021 is highlighted in blue

    Click “Next”


    Step 4: Confirm student’s current information is correct and student is a current NEHS


    Click “Next”


    Step 5: Select the box that says “Registration”

    Click “Next”


    Step 6: Under the map you will see 2 boxes

    Northeast High-Registration (should see a blue checkmark beside this box)

    GCS eLearning University Prep Academy (9-12)-Registration

    Click on the checkmark to uncheck Northeast High-Registration

    Click on the checkmark to check GCS eLearning University Prep Academy(9-12)-


    ***You should only be applying to the virtual academy, not reapplying to NEHS***

    Click “Next”


    Step 7: Complete the information required

    Click “Next”


    Step 8:

    Click “Submit”



    When it comes to Teams, make sure you actually have the app.  If you don't have it, type 'Microsoft Teams' into your search bar on google and download the Teams app.

    To sign in Microsoft use this format:


    Password: MMDDYYYY (birthday; you'll notice there are no slashes between month, day, year)


    Sometimes it helps to see your username and password written out.  When students have trouble logging in, they most often are simply typing in their username and password wrong (sometimes repeatedly) and thinking it doesn’t work. 


    Northeast High's remote learning info can be found here:  https://www.gcsnc.com/domain/19376

    This site also includes a fabulous video hosted by our own Mrs. Prevete.  She navigates people through the Canvas website, showing how it looks, what to click on, how to work and manage it.  


    If your computer displays a message saying the "domain is not available", then try to log into the device at a GCS site.  If that does not work, contact me so we can arrange for a device exchange.



    Students will access Canvas via NCEdCloud

    Students will log in with their Powerschool ID # (aka "lunch number") and password (usually their birthdate in the format MMDDYYYY)

    *If you need your password reset, contact your teacher - teacher emails can be found here:  https://www.gcsnc.com/domain/14891

    You can also access Canvas via a mobile app on your phone or other mobile device


    1. Download Canvas student app from your device's app store

    2. Open the app and search for "Guilford County Schools" and select it from the search menu

    3. Log into your Canvas account with your Powerschool login information (see above)

    4. You will then see your Dashboard which features any Canvas courses you are enrolled in

    *If you need more assistance with Canvas, please see the Canvas Parent and Troubleshooting Guides above.

    How to email teachers if you can't get into Canvas

    Canvas & PowerSchool login info

     How to get MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel

    ZScaler tech tips


    The GCS technology helpdesk can be reached at 336/370-8179 and online at Technology Services.

    For Credit Recovery classes, login info is, as follows:

    Username=gcs+your student ID number

    ALVS Tech Support can be reached at 855/550-2547.






    FAFSA, NC Countdown to College 2020 Events

    FAQs on FAFSA:
    1) What is the "FAFSA" and how is it used?
    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the form that determines eligibility for state and federal financial aid to cover higher education expenses.
    2) Where does the student data in the Finish the FAFSA database report come from?
    The NC Department of Public Instruction provides a list of the seniors for each participating high school. Each senior’s name, date of birth, home address, and school code are matched with his or her FAFSA status from the U.S. Department of Education’s office of Federal Student Aid. Information reflected in the database includes: not submitted, submitted, completed, signed by student and parent, and whether chosen for verification.
    3) What do schools do with this information?
    School counselors who work with seniors can monitor their students who have or have not completed the FAFSA. They can advise seniors about correcting FAFSA errors or how to complete verification.
    4) Is there a risk to student privacy?
    No income information is included in the Finish the FAFSA database. No Social Security numbers are included either. Access to the database is guided by regulations to safeguard student data and only authorized users at each school can access that school’s student data. Parents can opt-out so that student information does not appear in the Finish the FAFSA database.
    5) Can I share student data that I find in the Finish the FAFSA report?
    Student-level data is protected by federal law and must not be shared with anyone other than the student or parent, and other authorized personnel at the school.
    • The data should never be shared with other students.
    • Sharing student data from one school with authorized personnel at another school is prohibited because authorization is school-specific.
    • Sharing student data within the school with unauthorized personnel at the same school is prohibited.
    • Authorized personnel have been designated by the school district administration.
    • Access has been granted only to those school staff, and/or to other persons from federally designated entities, such as GEAR UP, who work directly with seniors on FAFSA completion and college access.
    Each participating school district signs a Data Use Agreement requiring the protection of student data and limitation of use of the data for intended purposes only.
    6) Where is Finish the FAFSA?
    Education professionals who are Authorized Users access Finish the FAFSA in the Professional Tools on CFNC.org.
    7) Where do I get more information?
    The North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority (NCSEAA) is a state agency that helps North Carolinians pay for education. Contact Outreach@ncseaa.edu with questions or to request a Data Use Agreement for your school.

    FAFSA help can be found at CFNC:  888/737-9321.

    Say Yes Guilford is a local education non-profit organization committed to providing access to support services and scholarships designed to prepare Guilford County Schools’ students for success in college, career, and life.  An equity-based model provides evidenced-based, impactful, and consistent services making sure students who need the most are offered the most support from elementary school through high school and college.  Go here to register for scholarships:  https://sayyesguilford.org/


    Students/Seniors applying to college will need to establish NC Residency.  This is what enables them to receive the in-state tuition rate! Visit https://ncresidency.cfnc.org/residencyInfo/ and click 'Complete Residency Determination'.  Here's a video on HOW to do it!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEvHIod7VSk&feature=youtu.be

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a form completed by current and prospective college students to determine their eligibility for student financial aid.  The time to do this is your senior year in high school but will need to be completed for each year of college, too.

    The FAFSA should not be confused with the CSS Profile, which is also required by some colleges (primarily private ones). The CSS is a fee-based product of the College Board and is usually used by the colleges to distribute their own institutional funding rather than federal or state funding.

    FAFSA & RDS go together like macaroni and cheese! Prepare to apply to college by completing both. Learn how to avoid the Top 10 FAFSA mistakes and what you need to establish North Carolina Residency. Financial aid administrators and Residency Determination Service experts will be on hand for live chat, resources will be offered specifically to your questions, and a short presentation every 15 minutes will help in case you don’t even know what to ask.

    • Monday, 10/12/20 from 4:00 - 6:00 PM - REGISTER

    • Tuesday, 10/13/20 from 9:00 - 11:00 AM - REGISTER

    • Wednesday, 10/14/20 from 4:00 - 6:00 PM - REGISTER

    • Thursday, 10/15/20 from 11:00 - 1:00 PM - REGISTER


    After the FAFSA, but before your first day on campus, you need Financial Aid 101. What is an award letter? You had to report your 2019 income on the FAFSA you just filed; what if your household situation has changed in 2020? And what if you are selected for verification? Financial aid administrators will be on hand for live chat, resources will be offered specifically to your questions, and a short presentation every 15 minutes will help in case you don’t even know what to ask.

    • Tuesday, 10/27/20 from 9:00 - 11:00 AM - REGISTER

    • Wednesday, 10/28/20 from 4:00 - 6:00 PM - REGISTER


    Filling out the FAFSA can be intimidating, especially to people who are new to it.  With that in mind, "Money Matters:  FAFSA 101" is coming every Thursday in October from 6 to 7 p.m.  FACEBOOK.COM/UNCGFINANCIALAID/LIVE.  Join the UNCG Financial Aid office live for this fabulous event!

    Each week will cover a new topic.  Session dates:

    • October 1:  FAFSA Filing Overview and Checklist
    • October 8:  Dependent or Independent?  Who is My Parent on the FAFSA?
    • October 15:  DRT, Verification, Special Circumstances
    • October 22:  Top FAFSA Errors
    • October 29:  What's Next?

    Your FAFSA questions are wanted!  Before each week's event, go to https://forms.gle/rW3qwveS7py6cdBB8 and leave your questions!

    Missed a session?  No worries!  Just go to FACEBOOK.COM/UNCGFINANCIALAID/LIVE and watch the video.

    The 2021-2022 FAFSA opens October 1 at fafsa.gov








    Our spring semester schedule is, as follows:

    1st block:  10:00 - 11:20

    2nd block:  11:25 - 12:45

    3rd block:  1:35 - 2:55

    4th block:  3:00 - 4:20


    Guilford County Schools' Juniors and Seniors are invited to the College Kickoff Series on January 28 at 6 p.m.

    Community partners will join us for an informational kickoff to the spring semester and speak to how colleges are responding to COVID-19 and FAFSA.  A spring college timeline will be shared, as well.

    Register today at www.sayyesguilford.org/collegekickoffseries


    GCS students in a crisis of any kind— anxiety, depression, abuse, suicidal thoughts, food insecurity, etc., are urged to call GCS Youth Crisis Hotline at 336-332-7295 to speak with a counselor. The hotline is open daily from 7 am until midnight.


    On December 11th, Northeast Guilford High School will be hosting a Ram Food Drive Extravaganza Block Party from 12:00 to 2:00 pm.

    We would like students, community members, and staff members to stop by for some socially distanced fun and to donate items to our school community! We will have music, games decorations, and goodies to give away! We're mainly asking for canned goods, non-perishable items, but we do have space for some cold/frozen items.

    If you are unable to attend the kick-off event on Friday, December 11th, you can drop off items at the front entrance of the building during the week of December 14th – December 18th.


    Remember, we will have final exams the week of January 11th, 2021. Many exams will be held face to face. Masks and social distancing will be required. Additional information will be provided as we move closer to testing.


    Please remember to call ahead and make an appointment if you need to visit the school. Anyone who visits campus must wear a mask and must be screened prior to leaving the front office. 

    We have NOT received any new laptops as of yet BUT if you are having trouble with your device complete the Laptop Request Form located on our website. If you need a wifi hotspot, please email or call Mrs. L’Esperance, also known as Mrs. L, and request a hotspot. 


    Latest Senior portrait info:

    Class of 2021 Pictures

    Students can now make appointments to take their photos at Life Touch's off-campus site. The address is 1218 Bridford Parkway, #27, Greensboro, NC  27407.  It is located in Wendover Place Shopping Center near Target off Wendover Avenue. Students can make appointments at this link: 

    URL:  https://booknow.appointment-plus.com/chrnx810/ 



    Report cards were mailed Monday, November 9th. If you have any questions, please reach out to your child’s teacher. If you need assistance with parent portal, please email Mrs. Young, our data manager, at youngg@gcsnc.com. Please remember that grades are assigned as they are as if we were in school. All grades will count towards the student’s GPA. It is very important for us and for students to connect and communicate so that we can support your student during these unusual times.

    The North Carolina Driving School is now scheduling new opportunities for students to register for virtual driver’s education classes. Even though virtual, classes are being scheduled for students at specific schools to help manage the large number of students across the district that are waiting for driver’s education classes.

    To help with the backlog of students who have been waiting since March 2020, only students 15 years and older can register for new classes. The number of students in these virtual classes is limited to 30. Classes are being added regularly, so check regularly at www.ncdrivingschool.com for class schedules and registration information. Northeast Guilford High cannot register students for driver's education so families must go to the website to register.

    Pending decisions made regarding health metrics, Ram athletic contests will resume on Mon. 11/17.  Due to COVID regulations, spectators will be limited, but please lift up and encourage our athletes. Reach out to your coach or our athletic director, Coach Sharp, for more details.

    Workouts continue for volleyball, cross country, and men’s basketball in the late afternoon. ROTC and Band also continues.

    We have been lucky enough to be able to provide any student who needs a laptop with a laptop. However, the devices ordered by the district should start to arrive this month. Each student will be assigned a new device. We will inform you when we have new devices so stay tuned!


    November is Native American Heritage Month!  Guilford County Schools have a few things going on to be aware of, all linked individually: 

    • Natives of Guilford : [Native students, families, staff] Similar to the idea of Humans of NY, we are collecting images and stories of Native people here in Guilford County (students, staff, families, everyone!) We aim to share these images and messages via social media as a way to remind the community that Native people are still here!
    • Native American Heritage Month Celebration Challenge[anyone] Each day there are celebration/learning/reflection activities with a focus on a different part of our culture each day (Dancing, food, children’s books, boarding schools, etc.) The hope is for students, staff, and families to celebrate and/or learn the many parts of Native American culture.
    • Classroom Resources[teachers/staff] An updated database of classroom and instructional resources aimed at bringing relevant and inclusive content to your kids is available on the Indian Ed website.
    • PD Culturally Responsive Teaching about American Indians in NC[teachers/ staff] There is currently a 10hour/1.0 CEU PD Class through NCDPI that is self-paced and focused on American Indians in NC. (Log into NCEES, go to Prof. Development, search for #8048.) I plan on hosting a debrief/planning session at the end of the month/beginning of December for anyone who participates in this PD and would like to discuss and collaborate with others. Email me at bells2@gcsnc.com if interested.

    November 19th is the Great American Smokeout, a day when we encourage those who smoke and vape to quit.  For statistics on tobacco and it effects click here.  Additional Resources:  The FDA & Scholastic Resources for Vaping Prevention & The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention – Electronic Cigarettes.  If you are a smoker or vaper who wants to quit, utilize some of the resources listed here, or contact me.  I can put you in touch with Kimberly Fields, a GCS coordinator who is a walking wealth of knowledge, resources and support for people.  She is one of my favorite people in the district and having worked with her for 15+ years, I can't speak of her highly enough.  You are also welcome to contact her directly at (336) 621-4044 ext. 1 (office) or (336) 482-8462 (cell).



    Below are two support guides created by an organization called STEPS (Student Training & Education in Public Service) for low-income and homeless college students.  

    Helping Hand: Resources & Support for Low Income College Students: https://www.publicservicedegrees.org/resources/low-income-college-students/

    Resources & Scholarships for Homeless Students: https://www.publicservicedegrees.org/resources/higher-education-resources-for-homeless-students/

    Both guides help students learn about assistance programs and resources they can take advantage of to help get college-ready, find housing, afford tuition, and more.  STEPS believes everyone should have the chance to go to college and achieve their career dreams regardless of their financial status, and creating guides like these can help make it happen.  If you utilize these guides, I'd love to hear your feedback!


    SFC Renee Skipper is our new Army Recruiter at the Greensboro Recruiting office.  He has been in the Army for 15 years, and he is glad to be able to take his knowledge and expertise to assist students in making decisions about a potential career in the U.S. Army!  He is at 2917 Battleground Ave., Suite E, Greensboro 27408.  His phone #s are 336/288-6777 (office) and 336/279-4467 (cell).


    Quarter 1 Grades were due on Friday, October 23 Any student who is failing as of Oct 23rd will be allowed to make up their work with their teacher through the Extended Learning Plan process, beginning on Oct 26. Please encourage your child to take advantage of this opportunity to improve their grades. Students who satisfactorily complete the ELP will receive a grade change. Report cards are scheduled to be sent home on Oct. 27th.  Reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions regarding grades.  

    Virtual training for job skills is now being offered through 'The Jumpstart Series'.  This program is for people 6-24 years old who are looking to develop job skills.  Get some tips on completing online applications that will make you stand out!  Attend a free virtual workshop on Tuesday, November 10 from 4 to 5 p.m.  Topics to be covered include tips to complete the online application for jobs; applicant tracking systems; and much more.  Register by November 9 at www.triadgoodwill.org/yya


    Support your favorite band program by purchasing a pizza kit! Place your orders at www.pizzakit.com using the fundraising code 385025. Contact Ms. Swilley or Mr. Mosley if you have any questions.  

    Senior Portrait Day info is, as follows:

    When:  October 30 and November 2 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 (be on time)

    Where:  Cafeteria

    What to wear:  Your casual outfit for your outside photos.  Your tux/drape will be provided.  You will not be able to change!

    What to bring:  $10 cash only (contact Ms. Felder if you can not pay)

    Note:  Parents are now allowed to come in with their students.

    Sign up for your appointment time at https://bit.ly/3mXUMVa


    Driver's Ed:  To help with the backlog of students who have been waiting since March 2020, only students 15 years and older can register for new classes. The number of students in these virtual classes is limited to 30. Classes are being added regularly, so check regularly at https://www.ncdrivingschool.com/ for class schedules and registration information. Northeast Guilford High cannot register students for driver's education so families must go to the website to register.


    FYI:  our College Board code is 342 570.  You need this when signing up for the SAT.

    The Beta Iota Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. is kicking off their annual Cotillion.  It is for outstanding senior young ladies.  The cotillion provides an opportunity for high school senior girls to raise scholarship money for college and participate in activities that enrich their development.  You are welcome to direct questions to bioakacotillion@gmail.com

    This is a virtual event. Seniors:  If you were not able to drive through to pick up your Senior packet,  we missed you.  However, you can go to the below link and make your purchase.  Remember that your priority is to order your cap and gown. 

    When you go to the Herff Jones Order site, you will see several packets but again you are not required to order an entire packet.   You CAN order the cap and gown unit only.  The current cost of the cap and gown is $61.00 plus shipping/handling and tax.  Go to https://www.herffjones.com/ to order.

    This year's Northeast High graduation is scheduled for Sunday, June 6 at 2 p.m.  Location:  The Special Events Center at the coliseum.


    Am HBCU virtual showcase is kicking off today, October 5.  More than 100 students have registered, which is an amazing success.

    Students can register all month long!  Hickory Ridge High School in Harrisburg, NC is still leading the way with 14 students registered.  

    Visit the following website to see the participating schools and to register:  www.pridgeoneventmanagement.com/qchbcu.

    You are also welcome to contact T.J. Pridgeon of Pridgeon Event Management, LLC with questions.  He can be reached at 980/622-2297.


    Meanwhile, don't forget Wingate University is hosting a virtual visit just for us!  This will be a great time to learn about Wingate and ask questions.

    It’ll be Tuesday, October 6 at 2:30.

    Here is the Zoom link: https://wingate.zoom.us/j/96570420517 

    The visit will include a presentation by admissions counselor Maeghan Edwards, a current Wingate student who can offer insight about his/her Wingate experience and of course time for questions.


    The Governor’s School of North Carolina is the oldest statewide summer residential program for gifted and talented high school students.

    The program is open to juniors only, with exceptions made for sophomores in selected performing/visual arts areas.

    The program offers a curriculum for students in multiple areas including academic and performing/visual arts disciplines. Academic disciplines include English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Natural Science and Social Science. Performing/Visual Arts disciplines include Art, Choral Music, Instrumental Music, Dance and Theater. The program is located on two college campuses in North Carolina during the summer for 5 1/2 weeks.  

    The deadline to submit applications is October 27, 2020.  Informational sessions will take place on October 6th from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm and October 8th from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Access the link below to attend the session. If you have questions, please contact Dr. Jordan in the counseling office.  She can be reached Mondays and Wednesdays at 336/375-2500 and every day at jordanl3@gcsnc.com 



    Hi students:  go to this sign-up link if you are interested in joining an extracurricular activity:  club, extracurricular questionnaire

    Khan Academy is a free test practice site, and it's quite fabulous.  Their section on the SAT is sensational.  As students work through practice questions, Khan can actually discern where the student's weak areas are and identify them - which is exactly what you want.  Focusing on the weak areas will allow for the best point gain.  Check it out!  https://www.khanacademy.org/sat 

    Now - that being said - many colleges are waiving the SAT (and the ACT) right now.  So, check with your top colleges/universities of preference (ask to be connected to the Admissions Office), and they'll tell you if they require it if it'll help your chances of getting in, etc.

    On-campus Senior Portraits will take place on October 30th and November 2nd from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.  You must sign up for an appointment slot to take your photos.  Spots are limited.  This is NOT a RETAKE session for students who took their photos at the off-campus location.  This is only for students who have not taken their photos at all.  Students should wear their casual outfit.  Drapes and Tuxedos will be provided for the formal photos.  Please contact Ms. Felder with any questions or concerns (felderj@gcsnc.com).  Sign up for your appointment here:  https://bit.ly/3mXUMVa

    Do you need high-speed internet or computer access?  A limited number of spaces are still available at Northeast High School’s Learning Center.  The learning center operates Monday through Friday from 9 am-1 pm.  Sign up online through SchoolMint at the GCS website.  Contact Mr. Gordon at Northeast High for more information.  

    In addition, Northeast Middle School's Learning Hub will be open on Saturdays from 9 am to 12noon on a first-come, first-served basis for any GCS student to provide high-speed internet and computer access for students to complete their schoolwork. Students who come to the Learning Hub will need to follow our safety protocols. Masks will be required, and students will be socially distanced.

    Do you miss Ram athletics?  So do we!  We have good news related to sports!  On Thursday, Guilford County Schools (GCS) announced voluntary workouts for athletics can begin on Monday, Sept. 28, for select sports.  Cross country and volleyball will be the first sports to start their seasons.  The GCS website and Northeast website’s athletics tab contain more information about protocols and procedures for the restart. 

    There will be a zoom meeting this coming Thursday, September 24, at 5:30 pm for students and families interested in participating in athletics or clubs.  Coach Sharp, our Athletic Director, will be presenting, and our head coaches will be present at the meeting. 


    Nick Osborne is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker here in Greensboro.  He and his wife Nicole Osborne own and operate Milk and Honey Therapy.  Nicole and Nick have experience working with teens from a variety of cultural backgrounds who struggle with ADHD, anxiety, depression, anger issues, adjustment issues, trauma, low self-esteem, and other mental health concerns.  They offer Teletherapy, Walk & Talk Therapy, and Outdoor Play Therapy services.  They are here to talk if you need assistance. 

    Milk & Honey Therapy, PLLC
    P: 336-860-6888 | M: 336-265-7316








    SAT and ACT info.

    Right now, many colleges are doing away with the ACT and SAT requirements for college entrance.  However, many students are interested in doing it so they can get practice - and just in case colleges start to require it again.  

    For SAT registration, go to https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/register

    Khan Academy is a free test practice site, and it's quite fabulous.  Their section on the SAT is sensational.  As students work through practice questions, Khan can actually discern where the student's weak areas are and identify them - which is exactly what you want.  Focusing on the weak areas will allow for the best point gain.  Check it out!  https://www.khanacademy.org/sat 









    Students & Families: 5 Boston Colleges & Universities In One Night!  You are invited to join us on Thursday, November 5, 2020, at 7:00 PM EST to learn more about Colleges of the Fenway. Through a short presentation and Q & A opportunities with our five Admissions Counselors, you’ll learn all the ways our Boston institutions are unique, the student programs and academic opportunities available through the consortium, and why we consider ourselves one community!  Students and families can register HERE to attend any of the upcoming sessions, including the one offered on Thursday, November 5. Students and families are welcome to join any session, not just the session offered in your geographic area. Registration is required.  For more information, visit: http://www.colleges-fenway.org/discovercof/ 

    Colleges of the Fenway  


    ETSU is waiving the application fee for North Carolina students!  As you may have already seen, their out-of-state tuition for NC students has been adjusted down to $10,500 per year (border counties still receive the in-state rate).  Students can apply for free by going to etsu.edu/apply and using the application code ncbucs21.  ETSU is also test-optional, which means we will rely solely on their high school transcripts to deliver a decision.  You can still submit their test scores for scholarship purposes.  Here is a video (1 minute and 45 seconds) about ETSU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJqZcILm2GM 



    Virtual showcase of HBCUs on Mondays and Wednesdays 6 to 9 p.m. starting October 5.  Register at www.pridgeoneventmanagement.

    Limestone University will host an open house on Friday, November 13.  Students will tour their historically beautiful campus, speak with faculty members from every major they have, and see presentations from various campus departments.  The day will start around 8:30 a.m. and end at 1 p.m. after they have provided you lunch!  If you would like to attend, complete this registration form and Admissions Representative Madison L. Lineberger will provide details!  https://limestonecollege.formstack.com/forms/open_house_form 

    Colleges are reaching out to us to come to their virtual visits.  Whenever I book a date for a visit, I'll email you with the date and time.  

    Admissions Counselor Victoria Layton is our contact at Catawba College.  She held a virtual meeting with Northeast on September 23 and invites everyone to approach her with any questions you might have.  She can be reached at valayton14@catawba.edu 






     Important Dates -- Career and College Promise at GTCC 2020-2021
      FALL SEMESTER 2020
    17 First day of classes
    20 Last day for schedule adjustment for full-term courses
    7 Labor Day Holiday (College Closed)
    15 Start accepting applications for Spring
    28 CCP Group Advising Meetings (sign up in Eventbrite)
    30 CCP Group Advising Meetings (sign up in Eventbrite)
    1 CCP registration email (to students and counselors)
    1 Spring Schedule available in WebAdvisor (may be delayed due to recent cyber event)
    8 CCP Deadline for mini-mester registration
    12 CCP Advising Meetings (sign up in Eventbrite)
    12-13 Fall Break - no curriculum classes (faculty break) 
    13 College Services Closed - Staff Professional Development Day
    14 Second 8-week session begins (Mini-mester)
    14 CCP Advising Meetings (sign up in Eventbrite)
    30 Graduation application submission deadline - EMCs
    9 Spring Registration opens for returning students
    16 Spring Registration opens for new students
    25 No curriculum classes - College closes at 1 pm
    26-27 Thanksgiving Break for students and faculty (College closed)
    4 Deadline for new student applications (spring)
    7-12 Exam week
    12 Last day of classes
    14 Grades dues by noon
    15 Faculty holiday break begins
    15 Deadline for spring registration request
    21-31 Holiday break (College Closed)
      Withdrawal deadlines are posted on course syllabus in Moodle







    Since 1958, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) has provided transformative leadership development training that has positively impacted the lives of over 600,000 high school sophomores in the U.S. and abroad.  Northeast has been invited to nominate at least one sophomore to attend The State Leadership Seminar.  Students will spend 3–4 exciting days exploring leadership from an individual, group, and societal perspective while collaborating with students from throughout the state.  Students return from HOBY with a new sense of self-awareness and an elevated confidence in their individual potential.  They will be inspired to make a positive impact in their schools and communities and will be equipped with the leadership skills to enable action.  Read more about HOBY at https://www.hoby.org/state-leadership-site/?statename=NORTH%20CAROLINA&state=NC and let me know of your interest by October 16.  The seminars students will attend will take place between April and June 2021 with plans for both in-person and virtual attendance as local conditions mandate. 
    Summer 2021 Programs
    Summer Pre-College Programs at Carnegie Mellon
    For over 100 years, Carnegie Mellon has offered students unique and hands-on educational programs from the fine arts to technology and everything in between. Through the Carnegie Mellon Pre-College Program, rising juniors and seniors in high school have the opportunity to experience this world-class education.

    Mirroring the undergraduate experience, our Pre-College program gives students the opportunity to explore their interests while receiving instruction from acclaimed Carnegie Mellon faculty and staff. Students will also participate in a robust outside of the classroom experience.

    Our summer Pre-College program options for summer 2021 are listed below. Due to the ongoing considerations related to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are preparing plans should we be required to alter the delivery of our programs:

    Please note that our Summer Academy for Math and Science (SAMS) program curriculum and delivery method has been changed. SAMS updates are now listed on the program page linked below. 
    • Summer Session, students take two full-length Carnegie Mellon courses in a variety of disciplines, ranging from Computer Science, History to Music Technology.
    • Summer Academy for Math and Science, provides students from underrepresented communities the opportunity to achieve skills to pursue and complete majors in STEM fields.
    • Computer Science Scholars, provides students who are from traditionally underrepresented communities in the field of computer science an opportunity to receive exposure to computing and additional computer science pre-requisites. 
    • AI4All @ Carnegie Mellon, provides opportunities for students from underrepresented communities to study artificial intelligence with full-time faculty, staff and researchers who are leaders in the field.
    • National High School Game Academy, for students who want to learn about modern video game development through a unique blend of left- and right-brain college-level work.
    • Computational Biology, a three-week program for students looking to learn more about the intersection of the two disciplines.
    • Unique programs in the Fine Arts - ArchitectureArtDesignDrama or Music – in which the students experience developing their skills in a conservatory or studio setting.
    • Writing & Culture, guided by the mentorship and instruction of our highly distinguished, permanent faculty members, students will improve their ability to analyze complex, ever-changing problems through astute investigations of culture and society.

    If you have any questions, please contact us.

    Best Regards,

    Kai Roberts
    Assistant Director, Enrollment Management
    Carnegie Mellon Pre-College Programs










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