AP exams are over!  A big thanks goes to Mrs. Vanessa Walker for doing a super job with organizing all of it and helping ensure every administration was successful.

    Below is graduation information.

    Have a good weekend.

    Thank you.

    Michael Harrison

    Counselor, Names G-N

    Northeast Guilford High School



    Mike Harrison

     Michael Harrison, Counselor for students R-Z




    GRADUATION INFORMATION (Updated 5.12.22)


    Graduation will be Saturday, June 4, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. at the Special Events Center of the Greensboro Coliseum. To participate in the graduation ceremony, students must have completed all educational requirements of the Guilford County Schools Board of Education and the North Carolina State Board of Education. Since graduation is ceremonial in nature, students who have not completed their financial obligations to Northeast Guilford High School will not be allowed

    to participate. The last student day of attendance is when all debts must be paid in order

    to be eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony.



    Northeast Guilford High School will issue each senior 10 tickets that will be picked up at graduation practice, for those you choose to invite to the graduation ceremony.

    We request that you inform your guest to arrive no later than 7:30am.  Doors open at 7:15.

    Once the processional begins the doors of the Special Events Center will be locked and no one will be allowed in. 



    1. Men should wear a dress shirt, tie, dark socks, dark shoes, and dark/khaki pants.

    Ladies should wear Sunday dresses/skirts and tops with moderate heels or flats. Wedges are okay.

     No tennis shoes, flip flops or crocs of any kind should be worn. Plan to dress as cool as possible,

    still considering the dress code.

    Students not adhering to this code of dress will not participate in the graduation ceremony.

    1. Try on your gown shortly after you receive it to insure that it fits properly.
    2. Make sure your gown is neat, without wrinkles. Hang it up so that the wrinkles will

    fall out. Do not attempt to iron.

    1. Caps are worn with the deepest part of the crown at the back with the tassel on the

    right side. Caps should be placed flat on the head, not at an angle. You will have to

    place your cap on correctly before you march. Cap cannot be decorated.

    1. No corsages are to be worn with your gown nor are you allowed to carry bouquets or

    single flowers, purses, bags or cell phones.

    1. All students participating in the graduation ceremony must wear their cap, tassel,

    and gown. Any student without these items will not participate in the ceremony.

    1. The graduation gown goes on over your clothing, and all cords earned.
    2. You are not allowed to decorate your cap in any form. 

    GRADUATION REHEARSAL: (Wednesday June 1st): 3:00 p.m. (be there at 2:30)

    1. During practice and graduation, seniors should assemble as quickly and quietly as

    possible and listen to directions by faculty advisers. There should be no eating,

    drinking, loud talking or horseplay.

    1. Notice the person ahead of you and behind you in line so you can quickly find your

    place and make the task of counting easier. Make a special note of your row, your

    number in that row, and your lead marshal.

    1. Do not leave a seat vacant for an absent senior either at practice or commencement

    unless instructed to do so.

    1. Plan to be at rehearsal from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. If you work, you must request that

    time off from your place of employment. If you do not practice, you cannot

    participate in the graduation ceremony!

    1. Wear comfortable clothes to practice, however, remember you are still under

    Guilford County Schools dress code rules. You must wear shoes! Remember

    that you are still under Northeast High School discipline rules until you are a graduate.


    COMMENCEMENT: (Saturday, June 4, 2022): 8:00 a.m.

    1. Come dressed in your cap and gown. You may need safety pins or bobby pins.
    2. Assemble in the “holding area” of the Special Events Center no later than 6:45a.m.

    Senior homeroom teachers will check to make sure your clothing is appropriate. No chewing gum.

    1. If someone else’s name is called when you are to step forward, please indicate

    that it is not your name by a slight pause. Do not step forward until your name is

    called. Come to a complete stop when receiving your diploma. Take your

    diploma with your left hand, shake hands, give a courteous nod and say “thank

    you” to the presenter and then return to your seat.

    1. On returning to your seat, wait for the remainder of your row to return and then be


    1. Graduates will turn tassels in unison after all seniors have received their diplomas.

    After _____________ declares the class of 2022 graduates, he/she will then tell you to turn

    your tassel to the left side of your cap. This concludes the ceremony and

    everyone will exit the field in the recessional.

    1. You are asked to hold your joyous outbursts until all graduates have left the coliseum area.

    You must complete the recessional, so instruct your family to meet you outside in front of the Special Events Center (where you entered).

    Seniors will exit out the doors closet to the (Greensboro Aquatic Center)

    1. All seniors will report to the back dock of the main building to receive their

    diploma. The diploma you receive on stage will be a cover; Student Services will

    have the official document and is instructed to hold it for an undetermined amount

    of time if your behavior is unacceptable.



    1. There is NO reserved seating.



    Sophomores are invited to participate in the First Generation Student Ambassador Program.  This is a program offered right here with GCS and looks to serve as a program for first-generation college bound juniors and seniors.  This program:  does college tours, provides services to mitigate stress and confusion when applying to college; promotes college readiness and success; scholarship help; ACT/SAT workshops and more.  This program is looking for rising juniors who identify as first gen college students (parents have not attended/completed a four-year university).  The direct link to sign up is:  First-Generation College Student Ambassador Program (office.com)  The first information session is May 4 at 6 p.m.  Once you follow that link and sign up, you should receive a zoom invite.  You are welcome to contact Makayla Williams or Angie Ydrovo with questions:  William15@gcsnc.com or ydrovoa@gcsnc.com.  You can also call 336/370-3284.


    April is Alcohol Awareness Month. “While national figures show a downward trend in the number of young people who use alcohol, alcohol remains the number one drug of choice for America’s youth, and is more likely to kill young people than all illegal drugs combined. That’s why it’s important to get involved in Alcohol Awareness Month, observed annually throughout April.- Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA)

    Here are some resources for Alcohol Awareness Month:

    Ask. Listen. Learn ​

    • Free resource for underage drinking prevention. (Also includes information on cannabis) ​
    • 5th/6th grade lessons for science or health on how the brain is affected by alcohol. ​

    NIDA for Teens

    • Information on alcohol for teens​

    Talk It Out ​

    • Resources for parents on talking to teens about alcohol​

    National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

    • Resources related to alcohol and alcoholism

    Please see me if you have questions or would like additional resources!


    The First Generation College Student Ambassador (FGCSA) Program is now accepting rising juniors to apply for 2022-23.  The program is designed to give additional support to college-bound students.  They assist students with preparing to apply and transition into the college of their choice!  They also help with goal-setting, developing talents, identifying strengths.  They host college tours to your chosen campus and work to maximize your opportunities to access college scholarships and navigate the financial aid and admissions process.  Apply at https://forms.office.com/r/dduaRAVvmc


    April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. In an effort to bring about community awareness and prevention, the Kellin Foundation will be offering in-person Darkness to Light Child Abuse Prevention training on Friday April 8th from 10am-12:00pm and a virtual training on Tuesday April 26 from 6:00-8:00pm.  The in-person training will be held at the Bryan Family YMCA (501 West Market Street Greensboro, NC). All attendees will receive a free resource manual. Register here for in-person option   A virtual training option will be offered on Tuesday April 26th  from 6:00-8:00pm.  Register here for virtual option


    The Concurrent Admissions Program (ConAP) is a partnership between the U.S. Army Recruiting Command and more than 1,900 participating colleges to advance the goals of lifelong learning and post-secondary learning.  The program will link an Army or Army Reserve Future Soldier to a participating ConAP  college at the time of enlistment.  Participating colleges include GTCC, NC A&T, NC Central Unniv, NC State, UNC Charlotte, and many others.  Visit goarmy.com to learn more - or contact Sgt. Anglin, our Army recruiter who frequently comes to campus, at 336/288-6777 (office) or paul.s.anglin4.mil@mail.mil


    No Bounds Care


    Registration time is HERE! We will have a Rising Ram Registration Night Monday, March 7 at 6pm via Zoom. Details can be found on our website and through NEGMS. We will host a second Registration Night, face to face, on Thursday, March 10 from 6pm until 7pm. During this time we will welcome rising 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders. Families can meet with departments about courses. You can also use this time to meet with your student's current teachers.  The Counseling Dept. will be on site to help you and your student choose classes for the upcoming year.

    As registration prepares to kick off, this link to the GCS registration book might be helpful!  

    2022- 2023 High School Registration Book

    Meanwhile, graduation season is in full swing.  A few notes are listed below.  We will provide more detailed information as we receive it.  Please put these dates/times in your calendar now.  

    • Graduation June 4th  8:00am Special Events Center-   Seniors and Staff MUST report to the Special Events Center at 6:30am.  Please remind your seniors of this time.
    • Graduation Practice is Wednesday June 1st at 3:00pm.  Seniors and staff should be there around 2:15pm.  PRACTICE IS MANDATORY.  PLEASE TELL YOUR SENIORS NOW TO ASK OFF OF WORK!


    Guilford College is excited to announce that beginning in summer 2022, rising high school seniors have the opportunity to live and learn on Guilford's vibrant, historic campus in Greensboro, N.C.  Read more about it here at Guilford College Rise.  


    NCA and T Transportation Institute

    James Masquef, USN is the Navy recruiter for NEHS.  Feel free to contact him with questions about Navy life at 336/524-3751or james.masquef@navy.mil


    Cap and Gown Pictures are scheduled for February 18, 2022.  Please go to our website to find the link to sign up.  A cap and gown will be provided for you.  Contact Ms. Gordon for additional details at gordonf@gcsnc.com.

    Prom is scheduled for Saturday, May 7 at 8 p.m.  If you are bringing a non-Northeast student, please contact Ms. DeBerry at deberrm2@gcsnc.com for a guest form.  Tickets for prom can be purchased for $35 at GoFan.co.

    At this time, graduation is planned for Saturday, June 4 at 8:00 a.m.  The location is the Greensboro Coliseum.  Mrs. A. Harris is our Graduation Coordinator.  You can reach her at harrisa7@gcsnc.co   


    GCS is seeking high school students to tutor elementary and middle school students.  It’s a marvelous service learning opportunity.  Go to rise-tutoring.org

    to learn more and email pungwant@guilford.edu with questions.


    Say Yes Guilford is excited to host our Spring SAT/ACT Prep on Feb. 17th 6-7:30 p.m.  Students may register at sayyesguilford.org/events


    Greensboro Parks and Recreation is looking for youth and young adults who love the water and sun to be lifeguards, pool cashiers, pool techs and pool managers.  Applying is easy: www.tinyurl.com/GSOParksandRecJobs


    District Registration Parent Informational Meeting Virtual Webinars for Families February 9, 2022 & February 15, 2022 Families of Rising 9th Grade Students Families of Rising 6th Grade Students Wednesday, February 9, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 15, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. Guilford County Schools’ Counseling Services Department partners with Guilford Parent Academy to help families understand the transition process from elementary to middle and middle to high school.

    Attendees will receive registration information that will overview the registration process and give helpful middle and high school tips for parents and students. CLICK https://gcsnc.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcvdeitrT4jGdQ854p4M1RqXv2AlWB7LUyx to register and receive the webinar link.

    To learn more about this virtual webinar or other GPA offerings, visit www.gcsnc.com, email parentacademy@gcsnc.com or call 336.279.4924

    Applications for the Naval Academy Summer Seminar and Summer STEM Programs are now open.

    Naval Academy Summer Seminar offers an opportunity for rising high school seniors to experience USNA for one week. Participants learn about life at the Naval Academy, where academics, athletics, and professional training play equally important roles in developing our nation's future leaders.

    During the Summer STEM Program, campers create, build, and explore in world-class lab facilities, working alongside USNA’s distinguished faculty and Midshipmen. Participants will also experience real-life application and learning at one of the Top 5 "Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs" in the country, as ranked by U.S. News and World Report.  

    2022 Sessions

    Naval Academy Summer Seminar:

    June 4- June 9

    June 11-16

    June 18-23

    POC: Karin Dolan kdolan@usna.edu 


    Summer STEM Program:

    June 6-11 for current 8th graders (rising 9th graders)

    June 13-18 for current 9th graders (rising 10th graders)

    June 20-24 for current 10th graders (rising 11th graders)

    POC: Yetanda Massey ymassey@usna.edu

    Both the 2020 and 2021 summer program cycles were completely virtual. This year, it is with much anticipation that both programs return to typical on-campus programs with 2,550 Summer Seminar attendees and 840 Summer STEM attendees, and we are counting on you to help spread the word about these fantastic opportunities. 

    Click here to see the Naval Academy Summer Seminar and Summer STEM Program in action.

    For more general information, visit: Naval Academy Summer Seminar and Summer STEM.

    Please visit them on Facebook at facebook.com/NavalAcademyAdmissions, Twitter at twitter.com/usna_admissions, and Instagram at instagram.com/usna_admissions/.






    GCSTV has created a new video promo for the 2022 GCS Choice Showcase.  This promo is now airing multiple times daily on Spectrum Cable Ch. 2 or 74.1 in Guilford County.  Or you can see it on GCS' YouTube channel.



    GGF and our Youth Leaders have created a "Youth Leadership Program: Gender and Sexuality" The purpose of the Program is to have LGBTQ+ high school aged youth and Allies delve into their identities, develop healthy communication skills and work collaboratively, to advocate for themselves and with others while sharpening their leadership skills!  Please read the attached document for more information and share the attached flyer as you please. HERE is the link that is attached to the QR code in the flyer.

    Kiara Hickman is the Program Manager of the Guilford Green Foundation & LGBTQ Center.  She is a recent UNCG Alum with a degree in School Social Work,  She completed her internship within Guilford County Schools and wants to stay connected with GCS to bridge the gaps among school, community, and home.  She invites all efforts to spread the word about LGBTQ+ youth nights, the leadership program, and the efforts that are being done to connect LGBTQ+ youth to resources for their mental health, social health, and emotional needs.  Sign up for their newsletter HERE.

    As always LGBTQ+ Youth Nights are every Thursday from 6pm-8pm for ages 12-18, but drop-in hours start at 4pm if any youth want to get homework done, or just utilize their space such as our free library and free clothing closet!


    See the info below about this upcoming seminar by CFNC and register here if interested:  https://web.cvent.com/event/722a8b03-7f93-4564-87dc-39717148b13e/regProcessStep1

    The Exposed Transitional Living program serves young adults who are involved in foster care, juvenile justice, and mental health systems by providing community-based services. Youth engaged in our services will learn self-sufficiency, obtain gainful employment, engage in higher education opportunities, vocational training/job readiness skills, educated on financial literacy, and manage healthcare and build resources. The direct care staff has the ability to be flexible with appointment days and times.  Read more about it here:  https://www.selflessusa.org/

    Selfless Souls is an intensive care coordination program directed towards single mothers who struggle with substance use.  Read more about it here:  https://www.selflessusa.org/selfless-souls/

    Senior portrait info:  We do not have another make up date scheduled for formal portraits.  Students can contact the customer service number at 800-736-4775 to try to schedule an off campus session.  We do not know for sure if this is happening but this is worth a try.  The only other Senior portrait date is in February and that is for Cap and Gown. 

    Register here:  https://cvent.me/G0N3v7

    You do not need to wait for another order night to place an order.  You can do it at any time at Highschool.herffjones.com

    Questions about any of this can be directed to Mrs. Harris at harrisa7@gcsnc.com


    GCS, Say Yes Guilford, CFNC and the College Advising Corps are offering a series of events to assist families in planning, applying and paying for college. 

    Sergeant Cowell from the Marines encourages students to follow the following link to a survey that looks to match students to potential career possibilities, whether they're with the Marines or not.  Visit here to do the survey:   https://www.jotform.com/202614270301035

    Check out our video which highlights the Youth Leadership Greensboro Program!

    Youth Leadership Greensboro



    Career and College Promise is a marvelous program at GTCC that offers North Carolina high school students the chance to earn college credits at GTCC.  The program is tuition-free for high school juniors and seniors (semester fees will be due).  Applicants must have a cumulative unweighted GPA of 2.8 or higher or passing test scores.  Scroll down toward the bottom of my website, and I'll have much more info about Career and College Promise listed.


    Morning Weaver students will catch the bus next door at the middle school.  Please arrive no later than 8:10 a.m.


    Some reminders:

    For our car riders, please be patient while we work out drop off during the first days of school. We will re-evaluate at the end of the week and see if any updates need to be made! Also, if your student is a bus rider, please be sure and reach out to transportation. Unfortunately we, here at NEGHS are not able to put your student on a bus route. You can find the number on the GCS website or call 336/378-6445 or 336/449-6095.

    Please remember that food cannot be dropped off or delivered to students during the day. Outside delivery is not allowed. You child can bring his or her own lunch from home, but we cannot have visitors or delivery services for food. Any food brought to the school will be saved until end of day.

    Please remember our dress code. All students must wear sleeves, all shorts or skirts should be fingertip length, and tops and bottoms should meet in the middle and be free of cut outs or transparency. A list of our dress code, electronics policy and tardy policy were sent home today. 

    Don’t forget that vapes are not allowed on campus. Research shows that vaping is bad for the heart and lungs.

    We will open our building at 9am. Students must remain outside and the doors will be locked until 9am. School begins at 9:10am and runs until 4:15pm.


    Do you need to find out the colleges and universities that have your intended major?  Go here!  https://www2.cfnc.org/college-search


    GTCC has a career interest inventory.  Go to the link below, click 'Take the Assessment', and decide if you want the six or the 60-question survey (I recommend the 60).  Let me know what you think:  https://gtcc.emsicc.com/?radius=®ion=50%20Mile%20Radius%20from%20Jamestown

    Bus transportation form:  https://app.perfectforms.com/PresentationServer/Form.aspx/Play/_2IGggMo?f=_2IGggMo

    Here is the link to the 2021-22 GCS registration book:  2021- 2022 Registration Book


    Here's info about two upcoming seminars about community colleges:

    How people without college degrees can find higher-paying jobs:  article

    Need to send a transcript to a college?  Transcripts are free for current students and can be requested via ScribOrder at https://guilfordnc.scriborder.com

    Be sure to select 'current student' if you are still enrolled here!  Otherwise, there'll be a fee.  Transcript requests fulfilled by ScribOrder allows the transcript to be electronically sent in a way that colleges will accept them as an official transcript; an emailed transcript is not acceptable for most colleges and universities. 

    Many students are interested in Service Learning but need a place to visit to come up with ideas of things to do.  Here is a link to some great volunteer opportunities in the area:



    GCS students in a crisis of any kind— anxiety, depression, abuse, suicidal thoughts, food insecurity, etc., are urged to call GCS Youth Crisis Hotline at 336-332-7295 to speak with a counselor. The hotline is open daily from 7 am until midnight.

    The North Carolina Driving School is now scheduling new opportunities for students to register for virtual driver’s education classes.  Classes are being added regularly, so check regularly at www.ncdrivingschool.com for class schedules and registration information. Northeast Guilford High cannot register students for driver's education so families must go to the website to register.  Once there, click 'Register Now' under 'Online Registration'.  Select Guilford.  Select Northeast Guilford High School and go from there. 

    Below are two support guides created by an organization called STEPS (Student Training & Education in Public Service) for low-income and homeless college students.  

    Helping Hand: Resources & Support for Low Income College Students: https://www.publicservicedegrees.org/resources/low-income-college-students/

    Resources & Scholarships for Homeless Students: https://www.publicservicedegrees.org/resources/higher-education-resources-for-homeless-students/

    Both guides help students learn about assistance programs and resources they can take advantage of to help get college-ready, find housing, afford tuition, and more.  STEPS believes everyone should have the chance to go to college and achieve their career dreams regardless of their financial status, and creating guides like these can help make it happen.  If you utilize these guides, I'd love to hear your feedback!


    Sergeant Paul S. Anglin is our new Army Recruiter at the Greensboro Recruiting office. He is glad to be able to take his knowledge and expertise to assist students in making decisions about a potential career in the U.S. Army!  He is at 2917 Battleground Ave., Suite E, Greensboro 27408.  His phone #s are 336/288-6777 (office) and 336/862-9101 (cell).  His email is paul.s.anglin4.mil@mail.mil

    Driver's Ed:  Only students 15 years and older can register for new classes. The number of students in these virtual classes is limited to 30. Classes are being added regularly, so check regularly at https://www.ncdrivingschool.com/ for class schedules and registration information. Northeast Guilford High cannot register students for driver's education so families must go to the website to register.


    FYI:  our College Board code is 342 570.  You need this when signing up for the SAT.


    Guilford Green Foundation and the LGBTQ Center seeks to create unity through programming and philanthropy that advances equality and inclusion for LGBTQ communities.  Weekly youth nights for youth ages 12-18 will be held on Thursday evenings from 6 pm - 8 pm.  They are doing a virtual one-hour, three-week mental health workshop, in place for the youth night from August 26th- September 9th. The topics include:

    1. August 26th: “Your Mental Health is a Priority”: Mental Health 101 for Teens
    2. September 2nd: “Self-Care is not Selfish”: Resilience Building Strategies Part 1
    3. September 9th: “Love Yourself”: Resilience Building Strategies Part 1

    Registration Link to workshop #1:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYtf-CtpzIqGdc2fOVPKU3NBpzru-q3aQbv

    Registration link to workshop #2:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZArc-6rpzksG9XQFWSOCGBAL3KIIsm0Y-jo

    Registyration link to workshop #3:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZclc-GvqDopHtNWysoP5UGkZgliGwHS31am


    Khan Academy is a free test practice site, and it's quite fabulous.  Their section on the SAT is sensational, and I understand it is very beneficial for ACT prep, too!  As students work through practice questions, Khan can actually discern where the student's weak areas are and identify them - which is exactly what you want.  Focusing on the weak areas will allow for the best point gain.  Check it out!  https://www.khanacademy.org/sat 


    Nick Osborne is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker here in Greensboro.  He and his wife Nicole Osborne own and operate Milk and Honey Therapy.  Nicole and Nick have experience working with teens from a variety of cultural backgrounds who struggle with ADHD, anxiety, depression, anger issues, adjustment issues, trauma, low self-esteem, and other mental health concerns.  They offer Teletherapy, Walk & Talk Therapy, and Outdoor Play Therapy services.  They are here to talk if you need assistance. 

    Milk & Honey Therapy, PLLC
    P: 336-860-6888 | M: 336-265-7316


    FAQs on FAFSA:
    1) What is the "FAFSA" and how is it used?
    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the form that determines eligibility for state and federal financial aid to cover higher education expenses.
    2) Where does the student data in the Finish the FAFSA database report come from?
    The NC Department of Public Instruction provides a list of the seniors for each participating high school. Each senior’s name, date of birth, home address, and school code are matched with his or her FAFSA status from the U.S. Department of Education’s office of Federal Student Aid. Information reflected in the database includes: not submitted, submitted, completed, signed by student and parent, and whether chosen for verification.
    3) What do schools do with this information?
    School counselors who work with seniors can monitor their students who have or have not completed the FAFSA. They can advise seniors about correcting FAFSA errors or how to complete verification.
    4) Is there a risk to student privacy?
    No income information is included in the Finish the FAFSA database. No Social Security numbers are included either. Access to the database is guided by regulations to safeguard student data and only authorized users at each school can access that school’s student data. Parents can opt-out so that student information does not appear in the Finish the FAFSA database.
    5) Can I share student data that I find in the Finish the FAFSA report?
    Student-level data is protected by federal law and must not be shared with anyone other than the student or parent, and other authorized personnel at the school.
    • The data should never be shared with other students.
    • Sharing student data from one school with authorized personnel at another school is prohibited because authorization is school-specific.
    • Sharing student data within the school with unauthorized personnel at the same school is prohibited.
    • Authorized personnel have been designated by the school district administration.
    • Access has been granted only to those school staff, and/or to other persons from federally designated entities, such as GEAR UP, who work directly with seniors on FAFSA completion and college access.
    Each participating school district signs a Data Use Agreement requiring the protection of student data and limitation of use of the data for intended purposes only.
    6) Where is Finish the FAFSA?
    Education professionals who are Authorized Users access Finish the FAFSA in the Professional Tools on CFNC.org.
    7) Where do I get more information?
    The North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority (NCSEAA) is a state agency that helps North Carolinians pay for education. Contact Outreach@ncseaa.edu with questions or to request a Data Use Agreement for your school.

    FAFSA help can be found at CFNC:  888/737-9321.

    You will need to get a FSA ID so you can electronically sign your FAFSA.  Visithttps://fsaid.ed.gov/npas/index.htm  

    The link to complete the FAFSA:  https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa

    Say Yes Guilford is a local education non-profit organization committed to providing access to support services and scholarships designed to prepare Guilford County Schools’ students for success in college, career, and life.  An equity-based model provides evidenced-based, impactful, and consistent services making sure students who need the most are offered the most support from elementary school through high school and college.  Go here to register for scholarships:  https://sayyesguilford.org/








    Using Your Chromebook

    Steps to Complete

    1. Log into the Chromebook
    2. Log into Microsoft Office (Office 365)
    3. Complete the Responsible Use of GCS Technology Canvas Course.


    Step 1: Logging into the Chromebook

    From the white Google login screen, steps must be done in this order

    1. Connect to Public WIFI (password gcs12345) or your home WIFI
    2. Enter your GOOGLE username. Format is last name + first initial + last 4 of student ID number. Ex. lesperanck1234@mygcsnc.com
    3. On the next page (Guilford County Schools Soar to Greatness) enter your GCS username and password. Format is studentID#@stu.gcsnc.com. Password is your birthday, format mmddyyyy
    4. If you see a page with a blue ACCEPT button on the bottom, click ACCEPT


    OR, from the black screen with your name that says “sign in required”

    1. Click the orange sign in required button
    2. Follow the steps above.


    Step 2: Logging into Microsoft Office

    1. Go to www.office.com
    2. Enter your GCS username and password.


    Step 3: Responsible Use of Technology Canvas Course

    1. Go to my.ncedcloud.org
    2. Sign in and click on Canvas
    3. Look for the course on your Dashboard or under Courses > All Courses
    4. Complete all assigned activities.


    Important Chromebook Care:

    • Keep food and drinks away from your Chromebook
    • Keep Chromebook and charger away from pets
    • Do not drop or place heavy objects on top of your Chromebook


    I wanted to add a couple of tips that may help get the laptops working better:

    1. Sound: if the sound is not working properly try holding down the “up volume” button on the keyboard to 100, then shutting down the computer while still holding the volume button. Then restart the computer. This usually fixes sound issues.
    2. Not opening work: try going to www.office.com and logging in with their student email address and password. Email address would be studentID#@stu.gcsnc.com and password would be their birthdate mmddyyyy 
    3. Other issues: restart the computer AFTER 5 pm so updates can install.

    Even if you do end up switching out the computers, these tips should work on any of our current GCS laptops. 


    SchoolMint Application Instructions:

    Parents looking to enroll their students for virtual learning for the spring semester need to go to Schoolmint:

    Virtual Academy or GCS eLearning University Prep Academy (9-12)

    Information and FAQ’S can be found under Quick Links on the Guilford County website. Please visit www.gcsnc.com

    Step 1: Log in to SchoolMint from the GCS website at www.gcsnc.com

    Scroll down to “Quick Links”

    Click on “SchoolMint Registration”

    If you do not have a SchoolMint account, you must create one


    Step 2: Under Student Dashboard find the student’s name enrolling in the eLearning Program

    Beside the student’s name, click on the box that says “Add New Student Application”

    Click “Next”


    Step 3: Under “Please Select the School Year You Would Like to Apply to”

    There should be 2 boxes that are checked off and highlighted in blue

    Make sure the checkmark beside 2020-2021 is highlighted in blue

    Click “Next”


    Step 4: Confirm student’s current information is correct and student is a current NEHS


    Click “Next”


    Step 5: Select the box that says “Registration”

    Click “Next”


    Step 6: Under the map you will see 2 boxes

    Northeast High-Registration (should see a blue checkmark beside this box)

    GCS eLearning University Prep Academy (9-12)-Registration

    Click on the checkmark to uncheck Northeast High-Registration

    Click on the checkmark to check GCS eLearning University Prep Academy(9-12)-


    ***You should only be applying to the virtual academy, not reapplying to NEHS***

    Click “Next”


    Step 7: Complete the information required

    Click “Next”


    Step 8:

    Click “Submit”


    Sometimes it helps to see your username and password written out.  When students have trouble logging in, they most often are simply typing in their username and password wrong (sometimes repeatedly) and thinking it doesn’t work. 


    Signing Onto Canvas:

    Students will access Canvas via NCEdCloud

    Students will log in with their Powerschool ID # (aka "lunch number") and password (Rams4life! is the universal password initially.  However, if this doesn't work, try your birthday in the format MMDDYYYY)

    *If you need your password reset, contact your teacher - teacher emails can be found here:  https://www.gcsnc.com/domain/14891

    You can also access Canvas via a mobile app on your phone or other mobile device


    1. Download Canvas student app from your device's app store

    2. Open the app and search for "Guilford County Schools" and select it from the search menu

    3. Log into your Canvas account with your Powerschool login information (see above)

    4. You will then see your Dashboard which features any Canvas courses you are enrolled in

    *If you need more assistance with Canvas, please see the Canvas Parent and Troubleshooting Guides above.



    The GCS technology helpdesk can be reached at 336/370-8179 and online at Technology Services.

    For ALVS and Credit Recovery classes, login info is, as follows:

    Username=gcs+your student ID number
    Password=apex (or student01)
    Yes, the course content for ALVS and Credit Recovery courses is all on www.apexvs.com
    Regular classes with our teachers here on campus are accessible on Canvas.

    ALVS Tech Support can be reached at 855/550-2547.







    Career & College Promise at GTCC

    Would you like to save time and money on your college education?  Would you like to “try on” college while still in high school? 

    Please join us on Tuesday, September 28th at 6:00 for a Career and College Promise Admissions Presentation. 

    The presentation will provide information about dual enrollment at GTCC along with the admissions process and qualifications for the program.

    Career and College Promise offers North Carolina high school students the chance to earn college credits at a community college campus. The program is tuition-free for high school juniors and seniors (semester fees will be due). You must have a cumulative unweighted GPA of 2.8 or higher or passing test scores.

    Students can earn:

    Important Dates:

    Spring 2022 Semester: 

    • September 28 – 6:00 CCP Admissions Presentation (please see the attached flyer for more information)
    • October 21, 2022: Priority application deadline for early registration
    • December 6, 2022: Deadline to submit new applications
    • January 10, 2022: First day of the spring semester


    New Student Admissions Meetings

    Admissions Sessions are required for all new students. Because of COVID-19, the recorded Admissions Session below replaces the required Admissions Meeting.  Please submit a completed application packet with all signatures after viewing the Admissions Session.

    The Admissions Session includes information on the following:

    • General Program Information
    • Curriculum Pathways
    • How to navigate the website to search for classes
    • How to register for classes
    • Q & A

    It is important that you and your student watch the entire recording.   

    Admissions Session Recording

    Once you and your student have viewed the Admissions Session:

    1. Determine your Career and College Promise Pathway– Write the Pathway name and Code on your Verification Form.  Please refer to the Dual Credit Allowances Document for information on how the high school credits dual courses. 

    There are two types of Career and College Promise Pathways:

    • College TransferPathways  – GTCC offers seven different college transfer pathways
    • Career/Technical Education Pathways – GTCC offers numerous certificate and diploma programs.

    Use the links below to learn more about them.

    College Transfer Pathway


    Career and Technical Education Pathway


    1. Complete the Application Packet (forms are attached). (Signatures may be obtained by email.)

      The Application Packet includes:
    • GTCC Application for Admission– Student signature required on page 2.   
    • Verification of Student Eligibility Form– Please make sure that you have all signatures required and that you have included the pathway.
    • Attendance Policy Form
    • Year-End High School Transcript– courses must be listed by grade level, signed and dated by principal and include a cumulative unweighted GPA. Please send a copy of your latest transcript with the admissions packet. If you attend a public high school, you may request this through cfnc.org.  Please provide your High School ID # on the Verification Form. If your transcript is in a sealed envelope, you may open it and scan it. 
    • Copy of Home School State Registration(if applicable)
    • Consent to Release Form– to be completed by the student.
    • Media Release Form – to be completed by the parent.
    1. Scan your application packetand email the documents as attachments using the attach button to ccp@gtcc.edu. Do not copy and paste the documents into the body of the email.

      Once you have submitted your application packet:
    • Please be checking the email listed on your application. If something is missing, you will be notified.  After the application is processed, the applicant will receive an email with Titan Account Activation Instructions.
    • After activating your Titan account, please log into your GTCC Titan Email and check it frequently. 
    • Once you have registered for classes, you will be sent an email with instructions for our mandatory online CCP Orientation.

    Please keep in mind that the purpose of CCP is for eligible high school students to earn college credits towards a college degree, diploma, or certificate. Dual credit for high school graduation requirements is a bonus, but should not be what drives course selection. Courses in the CCP transfer pathways should be selected based on the published bachelor degree plan for the major at the university the student intends to transfer to after high school. Students cannot exceed 61 credit hours for the college transfer pathways.


    Please let me know if you have additional questions.

    Linda Whitlow

    Director of K-12 Partnerships

    Guilford Technical Community College

    Percy Sears Applied Technology Building, Room 318

    601 E. Main Street, Jamestown, NC 27282


    336.334.4822 ext. 50562

    Mailing Address:  PO Box 309, Jamestown NC 27282      



    Supporting success through innovative education, training, and partnerships












    SAT and ACT info.

    Say Yes Guilford is excited to host our Spring SAT/ACT Prep on Feb. 17th 6-7:30 p.m.  Students may register at sayyesguilford.org/events


    For ACT registration, go to http://www.act.org/content/act/en/register-for-the-act.html?cid=paidsearch:google:pi04-april-national-test-reg-k12-b2c:dc_173

    For SAT registration, go to https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/register 

    FYI:  our school’s CEEB/College Board code is 342 570.  You need this when signing up for the SAT.

    For now, go to CollegeBoard, check it out, create your account, and then when you’re ready to select a test date, email me.  I can send you a code that will waive the registration fee, and the code is good for two test administrations!

    Listen!  When you create your account with CollegeBoard, be sure to write your username and password in multiple, safe locations!  Maybe photograph it with your phone.  If you are to lose your username or password, it’s almost impossible to retrieve it from CollegeBoard.  It’s a pain in the neck, for sure!

    Meanwhile, Khan Academy is a free test practice site, and it's quite fabulous.  Their section on the SAT is sensational.  As students work through practice questions, Khan can actually discern where the student's weak areas are and identify them - which is exactly what you want.  Focusing on the weak areas will allow for the best point gain.  Check it out!  https://www.khanacademy.org/sat 

    Finally, I want to encourage you to take the best courses you can, make As and Bs, and keep moving forward. 

    College can be a great experience for you, one of the best of your life.  Just be sure to pick a major that has great employment opportunities, is something you ‘d like to do, and will generate an income that will allow you to live well.  Don’t let anyone tell you money can’t buy happiness!  Money doesn’t buy fulfillment, but it sets the stage to have a lot less stress in your life.

    Let me know of anything you need – and keep a watch on my website for news, announcements and other messages of interest!



    ETSU is waiving the application fee for North Carolina students!  As you may have already seen, their out-of-state tuition for NC students has been adjusted down to $10,500 per year (border counties still receive the in-state rate).  Students can apply for free by going to etsu.edu/apply and using the application code ncbucs21.  ETSU is also test-optional, which means we will rely solely on their high school transcripts to deliver a decision.  You can still submit their test scores for scholarship purposes.  Here is a video (1 minute and 45 seconds) about ETSU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJqZcILm2GM





    UNCG offers a college prep summer camp July 13-16, 2022 for Latinx/Hispanic students currently enrolled in 11th grade.  Students need a 2.8 GPA and a willingness to participate.  The cost is $65.  Apply by April 15 at https://tinyurl.com/2p8dy2v


    Each summer the Veterinary Professions Advising Center (VetPAC) at NC State University hosts VetCAMP- a week-long camp for high school students to learn about careers in veterinary medicine and the various opportunities within the field. This year, we are excited to announce that we will return to in-person programming on NC State's campus. Each of the 3 weeks of VetCAMP programming include: 

    • A behind-the-scenes tour of the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM)
    • Lunch with CVM faculty and DVM students
    • Basics of a small animal clinic
    • An introduction to veterinary surgery
    • Suture and dissection labs
    • Hands-on experiences with horses, pigs, and small ruminants at the NC State Animal Education Units

    Camp Dates: 

    • Week 1: June 27 - July 1st, 2022
    • Week 2: July 11 - July 15, 2022
    • Week 3: July 18 - July 22, 2022

    The camp cost and application can be found on our website here- https://cals.ncsu.edu/vetpac/vetcamp/ . Each week of VetCAMP programming is the same. Selected applicants will only attend one week of VetCAMP, but are welcome to apply for all of the weeks that they are available. 

    Questions can be sent to VetPAC_Camp@nscu.edu

    This summer camp is a great opportunity for students to learn about becoming a veterinarian through interactive labs, guest speakers, tours, and more. It is open to rising high school freshmen through rising college freshmen throughout the US and abroad. We offer an overnight option supervised by camp staff for campers coming from beyond the Raleigh area. 


    GREENSBORO, NC (August 12, 2021) – The Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department has extended the deadline to apply to join Youth Leadership Greensboro (YLG), a leadership development program for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Applications are available at www.greensboro-nc.gov/ylg. The new deadline to apply is September 24. 

    The program costs $80, and fee assistance is available. Participants will meet from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm one Wednesday monthly October through March at the Barber Park Event Center. Participants are excused from classes by Guilford Country Schools. This program is for exceptional students who want to make a difference in the community by becoming better advocates and problem-solvers. It is designed by teens who have graduated from the program. Students will learn about local issues of concern. Past subjects included diversity, politics, media, health, law and justice, the economy, environment and advocacy.

    For more information about the program, contact Youth Development Director Britt Huggins at britt.huggins@greensboro-nc.gov or 336-373-7617. For more City of Greensboro COVID-safe in-person, socially distant, and virtual activities, visit www.gsosummeronline.com.







    Reference Info.

    Northeast's CEEB code:  342-570

    Northeast High School is located at 6700 McLeansville Rd, McLeansville, NC 27301

    Our phone number is 336/370-2500




    Kristina Zemaityte, Alpha A-D

    (336) 375-2508, ext. 1206



    Mikayla Witten, Alpha E-K

    (336) 375-2508, ext. 1208




    Kanesha Fields, Alpha L-Q

    (336) 375-2508, ext. 1205



    Michael Harrison, Alpha R-Z

    (336) 375-2508 ext. 1207