• Welcome to American history at Weaver!

    My name is Nadav Avital and I could not be more excited to be embarking on my first year here at Weaver Academy!

    I teach all sections of American History I & II, and the Advanced Placement United States History course (affectionately known as APUSH). 
    While this is my first year at this truly amazing school, it is my seventeenth year of teaching after having taught in Brooklyn, NY, and here in Greensboro for the past decade.
    I have earned my bachelor's degree from Brooklyn College - City University of New York and my master's from the University of Michigan. 

    Even though this year will be just slightly different... we will engage in the examination of the United States' story and the "great experiment" of this fascinating country. Indeed, what a historic period we are experiencing as citizens and scholars. I have a true passion for both learning and teaching about our collective story as a nation, as it is only such that we know how we arrived at our current station, and look forward to a future of which you will ultimately write the story. 

    Whatever this year will throw at us, and for however long we may be engaged in distance learning, I have full faith that we will persevere and achieve great heights to succeed in our American history and APUSH classes!


    Please never hesitate to reach out about any item at all



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