1.  The Attestation Form has to be completed each day, prior to the morning pickup, before the students board the bus to be seated. 
    2. Bus drivers will review the form of each student every day prior to child being seated on the bus. 
    3. The student will place the completed Attestation Form in a designated area on the bus as directed by the bus driver.
    4. Upon arrival at the school, the drive will provide school staff with the completed Attestation Forms. 
    5. Attestation Forms will be filed and maintained by the school. 
    6. This process shall be followed every day to ensure all students meet the screening health protocols set forth by NCDHHS. 
    7. Each child's temperature will be checked at school. If the temperature is 100.4 or higher the child will be placed in the isolation room and parents will be called to pick up their child.

    The print version of the bus attestation form in English and in Spanish is given below.  Click to access the electronic health attestation form.


    Attestation Form