• The different ways parents can get their bus stop information:

     Here Comes the Bus” can provide you your child’s scheduled arrival and drop off times at home and school, real time notifications when your child’s bus is near your pick-up location.  You can access bus information by logging onto your “Here Comes the Bus” account or by visiting the website www.herecomesthebus.com  and downloading the app from the App Store or Google play and using code 87491 to create an account.

      Parent Portal  - Parents/guardians must sign up to access bus assignment information

    1. To register for the PowerSchool Parent Portal, parents will need their child’s Student ID number (student’s lunch number and NCEdCloud username, which is used for remote learning.)
    2. Select “Parent Registration.”
    3. The students’ Parent Portal Access ID and Access Password will be sent to the parent/guardian through email, which will allow them to add the child to their Parent Portal Account.
    4. Parents/guardians can also receive their child’s Parent Portal Access ID and Access Password by contacting the Data Manager at the student’s school. Please be prepared to verify your identity as the student’s legal guardian.
      • All students should be issued OneCard by their school
      • All students are encouraged to scan their OneCard upon entering the school bus and scan off when exiting the school bus
      • One Cards will assist transportation with contact tracing
      • Students who forget their OneCard will still be permitted to ride the bus


        • Q:  My child has never ridden the school bus?  How do I request transportation?

          A:  In order to request bus transportation, parents should complete the online Transportation Preference Form.  Once completed, this information is sent directly to the Data Manager at your child's school for processing.  Once processed at the school level, your transportation preferences are automatically forwarded to the Transportation Department.  


          Q:  My address has changed, do I need to complete a new online Transportation Preference form?

          A:   Yes.  If your home address has changed and transportation is needed, please complete the online Transportation Preference Form to receive a new bus assignment.  


        • Q:  When my transportation is approved, how will I be notified?  

          A:  Once completed, bus assignments are made available through:  

          • Here Comes The Bus (HCTB) - Parent must create an account to sign-up and receive bus assignment information, as well as locate and track the SCHOOL bus.  To sign-up for HTCB, click here.  
          • PowerSchool Parent Portal - Once the student has been assigned to a bus, parents can log in to Powerschool and see bus assignment information.  For more information on how to create an account in the PowerSchool Parent Portal, click here.