• What Is Bullying Behavior?

    Bullying is the chronic infliction of physical hurt and/or psychological distress on another person, usually through an imbalance of power. Bullying can involve direct physical contact, verbal attacks intended to cause emotional harm, or indirect actions of social aggression intended to embarrass or isolate someone. Children can’t learn in a climate of fear and bullying has a profound impact on student achievement.

    Here are some practical recommendations that should consider to help prevent bullying:


    • Talk with and listen to your kids – everyday
    • Teach your child about cyberbullying
    • Create/teach healthy anti-bullying habits early
    • Be active at your child’s school


    • Report all bullying to administration
    • Refuse to join in
    • Get others to help you speak out against the bullying
    • Never fight the bully


    Our students’ ability to learn and grow in a safe and supportive environment is one of our top priorities. This includes making sure schools are free from harassment, bullying and discrimination.

    To report harassment, bullying, or discrimination click here.