Monticello-Brown Summit Elementary has roots in two high schools and two elementary schools in two communities - Monticello and Browns Summit.

    Monticello High School.  In 1854, Monticello residents built a six-room schoolhouse named Monticello Academy.  The date that the Academy closed has been lost to history but, in 1909, Monticello High School was opened to serve white students in first through 11th grades across Hwy 150 from our current location.  Most of the school has been torn down, but the old gym still stands and is part of the recreation center on the site.  Students from around the county traveled dirt roads on foot and by wagon to attend Monticello High School.  This travel proved so difficult, however, that dorms were built in 1911 so that students could live at the school during the week and return home on the weekends.

    Brown Summit Colored High School.  Brown Summit Colored High School was built in 1924-25 where Brown Summit Middle School now stands (4720 NC Hwy 150).  It was a high school for black students that consolidated one-room schools in the community.  Initially constructed as a six-room school for first through eighth grades, it was later expanded to add grades nine through 12.  The construction was funded by community donations as well as a school construction initiative led by Sears, Roebuck and Co. President Julius Rosenwald and former slave Booker T. Washington.

    Monticello and Brown Summit Elementary Schools.  Northeast High School was constructed in 1961 and Northeast Middle School followed in 1967.  As these schools absorbed the students previously served by the Monticello and Brown Summit high schools, the old high schools were converted in 1970 into an elementary feeder system to serve students in kindergarten through sixth grade.  Brown Summit Elementary served students in kindergarten through third grade.  Monticello Elementary served students in fourth through sixth grades. 

    In 1987, the Guilford County School Board moved to consolidate feeder elementary schools like Brown Summit and Monticello into stand-alone elementary schools serving kindergarten through fifth grade.  Because the area would need only one elementary school, Monticello Elementary was closed and Brown Summit Elementary began serving students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

    Monticello-Brown Summit Elementary School.  By the late 1990s, the student population at Brown Summit Elementary had grown to more than 400 students and space was tight.  Seven trailers dotted the campus.  Art and music classes were held in converted gymnasium locker rooms.  Special Education and Speech programs were held in a single room divided into four spaces.  This congestion led to the construction of our current facility, which opened in 2000.  Recognizing our roots in both communities, the school was renamed Monticello-Brown Summit Elementary.  Under Sam Foust's leadership, the school staff closed Brown Summit Elementary in December 1999 and opened the new Monticello-Brown Summit Elementary on January 4, 2000.

    In 2007 and 2008, Northern Elementary opened up six miles to the west of our facility and Reedy Fork Elementary opened up four miles to the south.  These schools shrunk our attendance zone and reduced our total student population from the mid 700s to around 400.  In turn, this reduced the size of our staff and created more space in our facility.

    Principals.  Principals who have led Monticello-Brown Summit Elementary are:

    1. Sam Foust (2000-2003)
    2. Benita Lawrence (2003-2014)
    3. Amy Koonce (2014-2017)
    4. Chris Scott (2017-2020)
    5. Robin Britt (2020-present)

     Teachers of the Year.  Teachers of the year at MBSE have been:

    • 2020-21: Laura Simmons (2nd)
    • 2019-20: Ruby Carnrike (EC)
    • 2018-19: April Rakestraw (PE)
    • 2017-18: Latina Dixon (4th)
    • 2016-17: Lauren McAmis (3rd)
    • 2013-14: Amanda Cannon (3rd)
    • 2012-13: Dana Jarrell (K)
    • 2011-12: Mitzi McLaurin (2nd)
    • 2010-11: Kathy Metzer (Hearing Impaired)
    • 2009-10: April Rakestraw (PE)
    • 2007-08: Latina Dixon (5th)
    • 2006-07: Laura Teague (EC)
    • 2004-05: Kathy Lilly (K)
    • 2003-04: Margaret Foster (Hearing Impaired)
    • 2002-03: Dana Jarrell (K) 



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