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    Spring Semester Schedule1st Period: Earth Environmental Honors

    2nd Period: Earth Environmental Honors

    3rd Period: Marine Biology Honors

    4th: Planning

    There is NO textbook needed for Earth Science or Marine Biology.


    Need to contact Ms. Fry? 

    Students: Assignment or class-related question - Canvas Email is best

    Parents and Guardians: please email fryc@gcsnc.com - include student name and class period to ensure accurate and timely responses.

    Ms. Fry will be able to address emails between 9 am - 4:30 pm on workdays, any email or correspondents after that time will be addressed on the next working day. 


    Gradebook Setup 

    Process   40% quizzes, daily assignments, formative assessments (all these assignments will be graded out of 12 points)

    Product   60% projects, tests, summative assessments (all of these assignments will be graded out of 24 points) 


  • Ms. Fry has been teaching high school for five years and is happy to return to the Ranch! Studying at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Ms. Fry majored in English and Secondary Education with a minor in German Language and Literature. In her time as an educator, Ms. Fry has expanded her craft by teaching Speech & Debate, Yearbook Journalism and Publication, English, and now Science. 

    Science has always been a subject dear to Ms. Fry and now having the opportunity to teach to the content is an achievement and exciting venture. 

    Feel free to ask her about alpine rock climbing as she enjoyed living in the Rockies of Colorado and is an avid climber and hiker. Her interests include reading, vintage record collecting, and National Park touring. You can expect some music to play at the beginning of classes so please offer her suggestions of music.