• About the Chromebooks

    Remote learners can sign-up to pick up their device on Wednesdays. 

    All students who have borrowed a device from GCS or Grimsley should bring it to school to exchange. 


    The following videos have been created to introduce the basic functions and usage of the Chromebook.


    • Chromebook Information
    • Chromebook Tour
    • How to Log into Microsoft Apps for the First Time
    • Getting Set Up for a Day of Learning
    • Downloading Files from Canvas
    • Finding Files and File Storage
    • Working Offline:  How to Use Your Chromebook Without Internet Access
    • Troubleshooting Issues


    GCS Chromebook plan for students:

    General navigation features of the Chromebook:   


    How to log into your Microsoft apps for the first time:  


    Getting Set Up for A Day of Learning: 


    Downloading Files from Canvas: 




    Finding Downloaded Files and File Storage: 




    Working Offline:  How to Use your Chromebook without Internet Access




    Troubleshooting Issues on Your Chromebook: What to do if...