Kids eating healthy.

Healthy Snacks

  • If you are providing a class snack for a celebration or other school event, please be aware that we will continue to enforce Guilford County School policy (IHB-P) for Student Wellness.  This policy follows the guidelines of the EAT SMART Nutrition Standards set forth by the General Statutes and State Board policies.  The Guilford County Schools policy states that "Schools shall not use foods or beverages that do not meet Eat Smart Nutrition Standards as rewards for academic performance or good behavior or for celebrations."   Foods sent to school should be nutritious and healthy. A healthy snack is one that is low in fat, sugar and/or sodium and less than 200 calories per portion.  

    In addition, all food items brought to school must be store bought and in the original store packaging.  In essence, no home-baked goods are allowed for class snacks.  Your students may continue to bring what they choose for their school lunch and individual snacks.  Healthy Snacks Guide


    Suggestions for healthy snacks include:

    · Grapes, Bananas and other fruits

    · Low fat popcorn, pretzels, Goldfish

    · Fruit Snacks, fruit cups, applesauce, Jello snacks

    · Granola Bars, pudding cups, Rice Krispie Treats

    · Popsicles (sugar-free), low fat frozen yogurt or ice cream


    Please DO NOT send foods such as:

    · Cakes or large cupcakes (for Birthdays and celebrations please buy store bought mini cupcakes)

    · Potato Chips that are high in fats

    · Cookies high in sugar

    · Doughnuts or other pastries

    · Candy, chocolates

    · Ice Cream


    We also ask that you avoid sending snacks that may contain peanuts, peanut butter, and other common allergens.  We appreciate your willingness to support our commitment to the EAT SMART initiative.  Working together, we can improve the lifelong wellness practices of our children.   We advise limited sugary drinks.  Students should drink water throghout the day. Juice and sugary drinks should be limited to meals only.


    Thank you in advance for your cooperation!