Pirate logo held up by multi-colored hands.
  • We are gearing up for ALL HANDS ON DECK...our first ever virtual fundraising campaign, occurring during Spirit Week (April 19-23, 2021). If you have not received your fundraising packet, please stop by the office to pick yours up today!


    ALL HANDS ON DECK is the only fundraiser of this school year for the Irving Park PTA. Rather than our ordinary schedule of fundraising events and campaigns, this year PTA is asking students to make a one-time request to family, friends, and supporters.  


    ALL of our students will receive a FREE t-shirt, which will be passed out Friday, April 23rd in celebration of the ALL HANDS ON DECK spirit that characterizes this campaign and this entire school year. 


    If you have not already, register your student at the site below by April 19.


    Starting Monday, April 19th share your personal link with family, friends and anyone who might be interested in a tax-deductible gift to your student’s school. Be sure to tell them what you and your student love about Irving Park!


    Beyond specific requests, you can also help by posting the fundraising link to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


    You can also invite people to text 'ALL-HANDS-ON-DECK' to (919) 626-3277 to access the site and donate via phone!


    Thank you for your support of Irving Park PTA!!