Campaign: Fix Our Schools, Fund Our Future

  • Our goal: With 54 years as the average age of district buildings, our goal is to improve every GCS facility to ensure all students get to learn in safe, updated and tech-ready classrooms and schools.

The Referenda 2020

  • On the November 3, 2020 ballot, voters in Guilford County considered a $300 million school bond as well as a quarter-cent, sales and use tax.

    GCS Bond 2020 - Ballot Referenda

The Bond 2020 Results

  • Although the quarter-cent sales and use tax did not pass, voters voted for the $300 million in school bonds.

    School Bond & Tax Information - $300M School Bond Passed; Quarter-Cent Sales and Use Tax

Guilford County Schools District By the Numbers

  • 70,000 PK-12 students 9,800 employees in Guilford County Schools

    3rd largest district in North Carolina; 50th largest district in United States

     12 million plus square feet of facilities; 126 school buildings; 350 school and administrative buildings

The Challenge

  • 54 years is average age of district buildings24,000 work orders completed in 2019-20

     $2 billion in unmet capital needs45% of GCS schools and facilities

The Voters

  • A public opinion poll conducted in August 2020 by a local university-funded through a private donor found that a majority (83%) of the county’s registered voters would vote yes for the school bonds, while only 21% of the county’s registered voters would vote for a measure to increase the local sales tax and use tax.

    83 percent of registered voters vote YES for school bonds         

    While Guilford County voters are generally skeptical of tax increases, they are more likely to support bond issues to improve local infrastructure.

    Serving 80 percent of families in Guilford County with school-age children

    Despite operating in a highly competitive marketplace with an increasing number of charter schools and private school tuition vouchers, GCS serves nearly 80% of all families with school-aged children (U.S. Census Bureau, ACS 2019).

    31.5% Guilford County residents with children aged 3-17 at home

    However, only 31.5% of Guilford County residents have children aged 3 to 17 at home, which means that 68.5% no longer have a current, personal connection to district schools (U.S. Census Bureau, ACS 2019).

    Guilford County In-Depth Voter Analysis: YES-voters tended to reside w/in Greenboro City limits; NO-voters tended to reside w/in the High Point City limits and some rural areas

    An in-depth voter analysis indicated that the most consistent yes voters resided within the Greensboro City limits, while voters within the High Point City limits were the most consistent no voters, followed by some of the more rural parts of the county.

    Democrats more likely to vote for bond initiatives

    Mirroring national trends, early voters during the 2016 presidential election were more likely to vote Democratic (69%) and more likely to vote for bond initiatives for housing, parks, transportation, economic development and schools in previous elections than Republicans. 

    Download file2020 voter analysis presentation [PDF]

    Download fileFAQs about "Fix Our Schools - Fund Our Future" Bond 2020 Campaign [Word]

Communications Campaign by the Numbers

  • 100 plus touchpoints via email, robo calls, web postings & alerts, bond info campaign, GCSTV, GPA newsletters, advisory mtgs

    Bond 2020 - 15 YouTube Videos and Live Streams - 133474 impressions, 20155 views, 10512 watch time hours

    Bond 2020 - 34 Instagram posts; 54891 total reach

    Bond 2020 - Twitter - 50 tweets; 129790 impressions; 4512 engagement

    Bond 2020 - Facebook - 52 posts; 327800 total reach; 30564 engagement


    GCS Board of Education Social Media Pages

Support for Bond 2020

  • "As community leaders and elected officials in Guilford County, we stand united to support our schools. The time is now.

    We must join together to ensure that we have a safe and welcoming environment for our students to learn, grow and prepare for college, career and life.

    Strong schools create strong communities. Strong communities create a strong economy and a strong economy prepares us for a successful future."

    - Guilford County Leaders

  • "The passage of the $300 million bond is a critical first step toward meeting the needs of our Guilford County Schools, and there is much more work to be done.

    The average age of a school in our community is 54 years old, and our current seniors were kindergartners when the last school bonds were approved by voters.

    The bonds approved by our voters are an important part of ensuring all Guilford County students benefit from safe, quality learning environments for years to come."

    - Superintendent Sharon L. Contreras, PhD


  • "If we have inadequate schools, we will end up with uneducated or undereducated children.

    Uneducated children become unemployable adults. Unemployed adults end up a part of a social support or maybe the criminal justice system.

    I believe the bond is not just a price to pay for our schools, it’s an investment in our future.

    As the old saying goes, 'You can pay now, or you will have to pay later.'"

    Dr. Frank K. Thomas
    Mt. Zion Baptist Church

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