Frequently-Asked Questions

  • How does GCS plan to spend the $300 million bond passed by Guilford County voters in November 2020?

  • How did GCS identify these projects?

  • When will the work begin?

  • Will my student stay in his/her school during construction?

  • When will the work be completed?

  • How can I get updates on the progress?

  • What does it mean for my child if his/her home school is rebuilt as a magnet school?

  • My child’s school needs a lot of repairs, too. Why isn’t it on the list?

  • How can I find out where my child’s school falls on the priority list?

  • Why are our schools in such poor physical condition?

  • What about the lottery? Doesn’t the state provide funding for school capital needs?

  • Is this issue unique to GCS?

  • What about preventative maintenance?

  • What happens once this phase is complete?

  • Where can I ask a question or submit feedback on Bond 2020?

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