• Greetings Inventors! I'm excited to be joining the Career & Technical Education team at Northwest Middle School as an Engineering & Design teacher. We're going to ask a lot of questions, test theories, design, build and fail many times in this class.  We will learn about processes, steps, materials, and the trials and errors that come with innovation.  Most importantly, we're going to see how technology is used to produce the cars we drive, the houses we live in and the things we use every day.  We will know the difference between function and design, and we will ask ourselves, "How can we make this better, stronger, faster or cheaper?" I want you to come to class every day with a "What if?" mindset.  Bring me your ideas and we will work together to bring them to life.                                                          

    Ms. Witschi (pronounced Witchy) was a CTE Business & Marketing instructor at Renton High School, near Seattle, WA and spent the past year as a Digital Learning Facilitator and Apex Credit Recovery proctor at Ragsdale High School.  She is certified in many aspects of CTE education including Accounting, Career Choices, Consumer Services, General Sales Operations, Worksite Learning, Business Management, Computer Technology, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management and Theatre Arts.  She holds a B.S. in Business from The College of Staten Island (City University of New York), a M.S. in Management and Systems, ABT from New York University and a CTE teaching certification from Eastern Washington University.  She is a published children’s book author, “Tabitha the Fabulous Flying Feline” ©1996 (based on a true story) and Singer/Songwriter, “Near Misses” ©2010.  Prior to becoming a teacher Ms. Witschi spent seven years on Wall Street in fixed income sales and trading at Salomon Brothers.  When she moved to California, Ms. Witschi joined Ernst & Young as a Change Management Consultant and later become a VP of Sales at Navigant Consulting and Right Management. After moving to Seattle, Ms. Witschi purchased a Drama Kids Franchise which she owned and operated for three years. She wrote and directed plays for over 300 students.  In 2015 Ms. Witschi was elected to Renton City Council where she chaired the Community Services, Utilities, Transportation and Finance committees until she ended her term and moved to North Carolina in 2020.  Ms. Witschi is also an inventor.  She used the lockdown time to design and create “Stick & Dip” bowls which she sells on Amazon through her company, Cat & Crow Home Goods. Ms. Witschi is married and has two children at Northern, a second grader and a sixth grader, along with two cats. She enjoys hiking, geocaching, singing, songwriting and writing plays, short stories and young adult books. She and her family love the outdoors and exploring all parts of North Carolina from the mountains to the beaches as well as rooting for the Seahawks. Go Hawks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            



An innovative teacher is willing to try something new and provide a different path to success


“Innovation starts not by providing answers but by asking questions."