• The purpose of the OneCard is to ensure safety and security on each school campus.

    • Student Identification Cards will be provided to every student. EVERY student must always wear their OneCard while on school grounds. It is crucial that we can identify everyone on campus. Identification of staff and students is a safety issue and will not be compromised when it comes to safety of students and staff. OneCard helps us in identifying students as well as other individuals on the school campus.

      1.All students must wear their current year OneCard to:

      • Be in class
      • Move between classes and to the restroom
      • Buy lunch
      • Borrow library books
      • Obtain early dismissal
      • Participate in campus life activities (assemblies, prom, athletic events)
      • Be on campus before or after school

      2.The OneCard must be worn on a breakaway lanyard hanging from their neck.

      • OneCards cannot be worn on a shirtsleeve, pants, outside of pockets, under a coat/jacket or at the bottom of shirt.
      • If a student is wearing a jacket, the OneCard must be on the outside of the jacket and visible.
      • The OneCard must be presented to any school staff member or person of authority when seeking student identification.
      • The front and back of the OneCard must remain plain and free of stickers, markings, other photos, etc.
      • Lost, stolen, altered, damaged, and defaced OneCards must be replaced IMMEDIATELY through the secretary or designated administrator.
      • Cost for replacement is $5.00 for a new ID Card.
      • Replacement lanyards will be available for $1.
      • Students are excused from wearing OneCards during classes where they present a hazard to student safety. They should be properly secured during this time.

      3.Teachers will perform an OneCard check at the beginning of each class period each day. For a student who does not have his/her OneCard, they will adhere to the following procedures:Consequences for not displaying/possessing OneCard will be determined by school administration.