• Welcome to Mr. Brown’s Life Skills Class. This is my 6th year as an EC Adapted Curriculum Teacher at Mendenhall Middle School. I was honored as GCS’s 2019 Rookie Teacher of the Year. I am very excited about this new school year. I have some new and captivating things planned for my students!

    The Life Skills curriculum at Mendenhall is designed to enrich the functional development of our students with special needs. This is achieved in the classroom through varieties of differentiated instruction in the areas of functional reading and math accompanied by independent living, social, and prevocational skills. Once the students have learned these skills in the classroom, they are expected to further their practice and execute these skills in Community Based Training Activities.  Activities are completed within our local and neighboring communities and through academically enriched field trips. The desired objective of these Community Based Training Activities is to ensure that our students will master the skills necessary to live independently within our community.