Mrs. Penn,  TDL/Drone Technology Teacher


    Greetings.  Welcome to our website.  I am excited about being @ WGHS as a part of the TDL Academy's Drone Pathway!  


    I have over 35 years of teaching, public service and industry experience combined.  Over twenty-five (25) of those years have been in teaching. In previous years, I have taught in a Post-Secondary setting and more recently in a middle school setting, thus I have experience of understanding where students have come from and insight into where they are going to.


    Its an honor and privilege to provide instruction for such dynamic, high skill, high-demand course offerings this year to such a motivated group of students here at Western Guilford High School.



    This year I will be teaching three preps:

    • Drone Technology Fundamentals:  In this course, students are introduced to the world of drones by exploring the history of drones, drone flight dynamics and  reviewing basic understanding of aeronautical/sectional chart reading and learning how to fly a drone while also  understanding how drone flight can be conducted autonomously for flights.
    • Drone Technology I:  In this course, students will learn how to fly drones, receive their Part 107 Remote Pilot  preparation for their license test and participate in advanced drone flight skills which include practicing drone maneuvers and flight management.
    • Internship/TDL-Drone Pathway:,  In this course, students will be reviewing drone content to secure several licensures and certifications in addition to preparing & participating in workplace learning experiences upon attaining licenses.


    Students in the Drone Pathway also need:

    Required Additional Course: Computer Science Principles to introduce the skill of programming involved with drones and app development.  Either Comp Science 1 or AP Computer Science will satisfy the 1 class of Computer Science requirement.

    Suggested Course: To increase aptitude for the Weather section on the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot/Drone License,  I advise students in the Drone Pathway to take Environmental Science for their 9th or 10th year science course, however it is not required at this time.


    Are you enrolled as a TDL Pathway student?  Have you chosen the Drone Pathway in the TDL Academy? 

     The ultimate goals for drone pathway students are

    1. to obtain by the time they reach 16 years of age their FAA Part 107 Remote UAS/Drone Pilot License

    2. to demonstrate successfully the skills of a commercial drone pilot.


    3. to successfully be prepared to enter the workforce or do advanced studies utilizing the knowledge attained

     Looking for a great start resulting in an awesome finish.   

    Best wishes for a rewarding school year!

    Be our best, to do our best, to achieve better than best....


    Special Note: Parents and other community partners: If you are in Aviation, Real Estate, Agriculture, Cinematography/Media Production and any other Public Service industry that could bring industry insight and partnerships for our students, then please contact me at pennn@gcsnc.com to schedule a virtual career day along with coordinating future internships opportunities to help our students practice the skills attained.