• I am thrilled to join Grimsley High School. As an artist, photographer and teacher my values are centered around educating the community. My classroom experiences range from working in restart schools, high preforming magnet schools, midrange institutions and online platforms. I have served on leadership teams, implemented art/avid programs, worked evening academies, taught summer courses and mentored others. Volunteering for The City Arts Council, Anytown and non-profit organizations deepen my connections with the communities I serve.

     My strengths are deeply rooted in STEAM Education. I believe the arts have transformative powers to intrigue students in all subject areas. Using the arts as a tool for cocurricular lessons is powerful and native for arts educators. Educating students in the public sector grades kindergarten through twelfth for the past decade has provided me with deep wisdom. As an artist, educator and lifetime learner, I am excited to share my passions with Grimsley High School.

    Art 1 Course

    Art 3 Outline

This is Me: Ms. Preudhomme