Photo of Mr. Z where he looks very happy :)
  • My name is James Zich, but most students just call me Mr. Z. The 2021-2022 school year will be my third year as a T.A. in the E.C. department here at Mendenhall, where I can be found working with students in all three grade levels in all types of classes. I enjoy assisting students to overcome their biggest challenges so they may reach their academic and personal goals. I consider myself to be an approachable and empathetic educator. Students can approach me for help in any subject and I am able to offer my guidance (except in music which I only know how to listen to).

    I have a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Virginia Commonwealth University and am currently a student at North Carolina A&T working towards a master’s degree in special education. As a professional educator my goal is to build bonds with students, based on common interests and understanding of student differences, to create an enjoyable learning environment in which students succeed. Ensuring students have access to education through equitable support is the anchor of my work here at Mendenhall. Most of the time that I spend in the classroom I am directly assisting students to complete a variety of tasks by providing hands-on support and clarification.

    I love spending time outdoors and frequently walk the nature trails we have here on our campus. You may see me riding my skateboard down Elm Street on my way to Mendenhall in the morning or doing wheelies on my bike on the way home. On the weekends I can be found spending time in my garden, hiking with my dogs, or practicing tricks at Latham Park.