My name is Mr. Phillips. I will be your kindergarten teacher this year. It is a honor to teach kindergarten this 2021-2022 school year. I am a graduate from Greensboro College, where I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal studies focusing in Sociology. While at Greensboro College I served a freshman class treasure, sophomore class treasure, Student Government Association Board Secretary, Student Government Association President, Leader of the gospel choir, member of the sexual misconduct advisory board, co-founder of a public speaking club, student event planner, and a peer mentor. As of September 20, 2021 I will have completed my Master Degree from Strayer University, getting a Master of Teacher Leadership.

    Teaching in general is a passion of mine, as well as being able to serve the youth along with their families. I enjoy seeing students learn, develop, and grow as they are exposed to various learning experiences.

    In Math students will learn t count from 1-120, two dimensional and three-dimensional shapes, composing shapes, addition, subtraction, decomposing numbers, and word/story problems.

    For CKLA our learning standards are taught in two parts. The first strand is the Skills Strand which focuses on teaching grammar, letter sounds, and handwriting. In the Listening and Learning strand students will listen to stories from various genres and will focus on learning new vocabulary, asking and answering comprehension questions as it pertains to the story.

    As your child’s teacher I am going to ensure I do my part instilling education and the importance of obtaining education into your child. I only ask that you as the parent work with me at home to ensure we are on the same page when it pertains to education. Children often are able to grasp the importance of education when they are reminded both in school and at home.

    Together we can achieve reaching goals, getting resources, and maintain grade level or above performance. This experience is going to take the both of us working together to ensure the success of your child. Teamwork is going to be the necessary between the two of us. While achieving goals, getting resources, and maintaining grade level or above performance another key piece is instilling positivity in the students. Build them up, allow them to grow into positive self-esteem will be key to achieving instilling positivity.