• Educational Philosophy

    I believe that, as educators, our primary responsibility is to put measures in place to meet the needs of the whole child; whether academically gifted or a struggling student. We are to create a warm, nurturing and inviting environment where all students feel accepted and cared for by the adults in that particular school, regardless of their background or educational level, while providing an academically rigorous and relevant course of study to prepare them for college, the career of their choice and life. Therefore, it is extremely important that we focus on building positive relationships with each one of our students and respectfully hold them to the highest academic and social expectations with an emphasis on building good character and accountability.  Let our students know daily that they are brilliant, extraordinary and somebody special. Every student, even the most challenging, has something positive to offer and it is up to us, as educators, to find that “something” and build on it.  We must realize that in some cases we may be the only adult that they feel believes in them; giving them a sense of hope that they have very little of.

    As a result of these acts of kindness, love, support and commitment, we may be able to build their confidence and uncover a piece of inspiration that had been buried deeply within; inspiring them to become better than they once were. Or, for those students that are already motivated, our job is to find ways to challenge them and help them grow beyond their present state.  If we do an effective job of letting students know how much we care about them, they usually work extremely hard to please us by giving their best the majority of the time; “students don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care”.

    Therefore, it is very important that we always model and demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism. I believe in the P3 educator- Positive, Passionate, Professionals, that put students first. This means that we are mindful of our dress, speech, actions and attitudes about our students, fellow teachers, administration, office staff, our school, the GTCC Community and the district as a whole.  We are supportive of one another and have each other’s back; even when we do not completely agree.

    It is important that everyone understands the importance of being a true team player, which may mean “agreeing to disagree and moving forward with the task at hand”.  The goal of every educator should be to be a problem solver and not a problem that takes the focus from educating students.

    Positivity and encouragement unify and allow us to do amazing things for students.  Furthermore, the development and facilitation of a positive perception of our school is everyone’s job, not just administration.  As members of the GTCC HP family, it is a priority to send positive messages to all stakeholders and the broader community as we are “Still, ALL IN” as we prepare every student to be COLLEGE, CAREER AND LIFE READY!

    “Because we care, they can!”

    Angela D. Polk-Jones, Principal

Picture of Principal Polk Jones