• Greetings! I am Mrs. Rich, and I currently teach English I, III, and Success 101. I graduated from UNCG and ECU, and I have taught online and in person college writing classes at RCC, GTCC, and NCAT. I am a mother of two students, myself! My family and I enjoy traveling, being outdoors, and going to concerts.

    I love teaching and learning, which is why I look forward to coming to work each day. I am dedicated to my students and the pursuit of education. 

    My Philosophy:


    A teacher’s philosophy is a set of beliefs, values, and principles that guide their instruction. Here is a bulleted version of my philosophy:

    • I am altruistically motivated, meaning I genuinely believe in serving people, specifically young adults, through encouragement and providing resources that will allow them to discover and develop their own voice
    • I want students to know that their voice should be celebrated and embraced and NEVER devalued. 
    • I do not simply teach students “correct” grammar. Rather, we explore how grammar is perceived and how it operates within different contexts (school, work, journaling, conversation, poetry, etc.). 
    • Writing freely, without fear of judgment, is so important for development in reading, writing, and speaking. 
    • Language is flexible and looks different across different contexts and languages, which may allow you to bend certain grammar rules. Knowing how and when to do this requires a specific knowledge and skillset. 
    • Understanding and recognizing how we are judged, or how we judge others based on written and spoken language is an important life skill that exposes how these judgments reinforce inequality. 
    • The ability to master skills needed for academic writing and speaking is a crucial skill needed for college, and for moving in and out of different life contexts. 
    • Students should be free to explore ways to find joy in reading different types of texts while developing the ability to understand and challenge social implications surrounding text. 
    • Mastering these skills will allow students to develop into well-rounded individuals who can move between different contexts with confidence, and recognize how their beliefs, knowledge, perspective and understanding are all being shaped by the language that surrounds us. 












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