• Welcome to the Apparel Production and Fashion Merchandising program at Weaver Academy! My name is Amanda Bergsma and I currently teach Fashion Merchandising and Apparel I. I am an Appalachian State University graduate (Go Neers!) and am currently working on my master's degree at Liberty University. 

    This is my fourth-year teaching, first year here at Weaver. Besides Fashion Merchandising and Apparel, I also have experience in teaching Child Development, Foods and Nutrition and Interior Design. Teaching Family and Consumer Sciences is most definitely my passion. I love teaching students life skills that will help them be successful in life and/or their careers.  

    All students who enter into my room know that they are loved, respected, and capable. I challenge students to apply what is being taught in class and apply it to their individual interests and real life scenarios. If you're interested in seeing what we do in our classroom, click the link to check us out on Instagram!  

    Weaver Apparel Production on Instagram 

Mrs. Bergsma