• When Can My Child Check Out a Book?

    The library is open in the morning for students to come and return books before their media center time each week. Classrooms visit the Media Center using the schedule below each week. During this time students can checkout books.

    Media Schedule

    How Many Books Can My Child Check Out?

    In an effort to help the student learn to be responsible, we do limit the number of items they can check out.  However, we do make exceptions for research and other special projects.

    Kindergarten: 1 book

    1 Grade: 2 book

    2nd Grade: 2 books

    3rd Grade: 2 books

    4th Grade: 2 books 

    5th Grade: 2 books

    When Does My Child's Book Need to Be Turned in?

    A student may keep a book for up to two weeks, after that time the book is considered overdue by our computer system, and the student will receive a reminder notice. If the student isn't finished reading the book yet, he or she just needs to bring the book back to the library to check it out again. If the student is finished with the book, he or she can return it and check out another book. 

    Students are unable to check out another book until overdue books are returned or renewed!

    What if a Book is Lost or Damaged?

    If a book is damaged, please send it back to school with a note. (Please don't try to repair the book yourself. We have some special mending materials that can sometimes work wonders!) Sometimes the book can be repaired.

    If a book is lost, you will receive a notice indicating the cost you will need to pay to replace the book.