• Guilford County Schools invites our families, neighbors, local businesses, faith communities, and others interested in the future of our schools, to become a Friend of GCS.


    Our school district is proud to be a member of the Guilford County community, and it is a role we take very seriously. Together, we have done amazing things for our children, families and neighbors.


    Parents, families and teachers working together increase the chances of a student’s academic success, faith partners provide valuable support to students and volunteers to schools, businesses provide sponsorships and exposure to new career opportunities, and neighbors who take an interest in local schools show the students that their community cares about them. These are just a few examples of how community supporters and advocates can help our schools, and now it’s time to build on those partnerships with Friends of GCS.


    It was never easy, but through everything from natural disasters, to economic challenges, and a world-wide pandemic, we’ve shown we are more successful when we work together.


    Friends of GCS creates a direct line of communication to community members looking for factual, relevant and timely information regarding our schools. Friends of GCS will receive regular email updates from the district to keep them informed and more prepared to work alongside our schools to create a better future for our students and county together. We look forward to working with you.

Contact Us

  • Joshua Leeper

    Program Administrator - Volunteers & Community Engagement

    712 N. Eugene Street

    Greensboro, NC 27401

    Phone: 336-370-8353 

    Fax: 336-574-3863

    Email: leeperj@gcsnc.com

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