• Ebooks and audiobooks make reading fun!

    Posted by Christie Dalton on 1/20/2022

    Did you know that our students have access to thousands of ebooks and audiobooks that they can check out from anywhere and read instantly? Keep reading to find out more!

    During the last two years of remote learning, our school and district have purchased thousands of ebook and audiobook titles for students. These can easily be read using the Destiny app on iPads or website on the Chromebooks. To checkout, students will use their Powerschool number (student ID #) as their username, and their 8 digit birthday as their password.

    For directions on using Destiny on the iPads, click here

    For directions on using Destiny on Chromebooks, click here. 

    In addition to the ebooks and audiobooks that our school and district offer, all GCS students have access to the NC Kids Digital Library. This amazing resource features thousands of ebooks and audiobooks, many of which are always available. Students can use the Libby app to read these books on a Kindle in addition to their GCS device. 

    To check out ebooks and audiobooks at the NC Kids Digital Library, visit the site and click Sign In. Under Select Your Library, click Greensboro Public Library. The student's card number is gcs + Powerschool number (for example: gcs12345678). 

    Now you can enjoy a great book even while you are away from school. Happy reading!

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