GCS Graduation
  • Bennett College is a small, private, historically Black liberal arts college for women. Bennett College offers women an education conducive to excellence in scholarly pursuits; preparation for leadership roles in the workplace, society, and the world; and life-long learning in a technologically advanced, complex global society.

    For 144 years, women have found Bennett to be the ideal place to foster the constant rhythm of ideas. Today, in the midst of a very active renaissance, Bennett is preparing contemporary women to be well educated, productive professionals, informed, participating citizens, and enlightened parents. 

    The Middle College at Bennett is the first all-female public high school in North Carolina.

  • Who We Are...

    Founded in 2003, The Middle College at Bennett believes that mutual respect is essential for a positive learning environment. A nurturing and supportive environment promotes a positive attitude towards learning. With a positive attitude towards learning, all students will achieve. 

    Our Vision...

    We envision a rigorous academic learning community for female students which includes a dedicated, highly trained, nurturing and supportive faculty, involved parents, and other stakeholders that are focused on the pillars of leadership, sisterhood, and academic advancement. .  All stakeholders create a culture that produces highly motivated students willing to accept the multi-leveled challenges that will enable them to become lifelong learners in this globally competitive world.

    Our Mission…

    Our mission is to provide a nurturing, highly personalized educational environment on a college campus where female high school students can maximize their academic and leadership potential and graduate prepared and exposed to college and/or the world of work.




  • A BELLE is…

    B- Beautiful

    E - Educated 

    L - Leader 

    L - Loyal

    E - Esteemed





    Graduation 2021