• PowerSchool Parent Portal Access

    Parents can access their child's PowerSchool information (schedule, grades, and attendance) around the 11th day of school using the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal.

    • How do I gain access? Visit http://sia.gcsnc.com/ParentPortal/Powerschool.aspx to claim your account. This website contains the link you need to claim your account as well as links to help documents to guide your process. Unfortunately, this information can NOT be given via phone, email, or fax. We encourage you to get this information from the website above. If you have trouble, please come by the school to pick up this information. Please note: a valid ID must be shown in order to pick up this info.


    • What is the PowerSchool website for parents? Parents use the website https://gcsnc.powerschool.com/public/home.html to access the PowerSchool Parent portal using their credentials. You will also receive a link to this website in the email you receive from PowerSchool when you register for your credentials.


    • I keep getting an error message; what do I do now? Please contact the school @ (336) 370-8110. The information you enter to register for your credentials MUST MATCH what is in PowerSchool exactly.