Take Care of Your GCS Device

  •  Your iPad or Chromebook should be securely put into your backpack at the end of the day along with your other belongings.  That means that you should not have it out while you are waiting to be called to go to your bus or the car rider line. 

    Your device should be in your bookbag while riding the bus. 

    When carrying your device around the school, please hold it with 2 hands.  The case on your iPad should be closed with the magnetic flap in place.  The case on your Chromebook should be closed. 

    Please keep your device off the floor where it can be stepped on. 

    Please keep all food and drink away from your device.  That means snacks too! 

    At the end of the school year, when you turn in your iPad or Chromebook, it will need to look like it did when you received it.  Please do not put anything on the case or outside, that includes stickers.  You will be asked to clean off anything that doesn’t belong before it is turned in, including glue/sticker residue. 

    Remember, your iPad or Chromebook will have to last you a long time.  If you don’t care for it, it cannot work properly for you.