Chromebook Log In Procedure 2022-23

    **NOTE - When logging in for the first time, power device up a few minutes prior to beginning so that updates will load.



    Sign in

    – Your Username is your 

                            GCS STUDENT #

    – Your Password is your


    (If your birthday is August 6, 2009 your password will be 08062009.)

    Enter/Confirm Password

    🎯Pro Tip: click on the top line before you begin typing!

    – Enter your Password on each line

    Login to Clever

    – Select “Click here to Login with GCS Account.”

    That’s it!

    – You’re logged in to Clever - your screen will look something like this. 

    🎯Pro Tip: You can quickly and easily get to MOST of your GCS web applications right here through Clever!