• 1st period AP Human Geography, 2nd period AP World History, 3rd period AP World History, 4th period Economics & Personal Finance, 5th period Economics & Personal Finance, 6th period Planning

    Hi! My name is Dr. Shawn Reagin (he/him) and I'll be your teacher this year. I am originally from Ocean City, Maryland. I earned my PhD in History from Georgia State University (go Panthers!). I specialized in eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and twentieth-century European socio-cultural and intellectual history. My dissertation title is "Their Heimat on the Periphery: German Settlers in Southwest Africa, 1828-1934." I earned my Master's in History from UNC Greensboro (go Spartans!). I earned my Bachelor's in History from Salisbury University (go Seagulls!).

    I've taught several history classes at Georgia State University and Morehouse College over the last 5 years including: Survey of US History, World History to 1500, World History since 1500, Topical Approach to World History since 1500, German History to 1900, German History since 1900, Russia and the Soviet Union since 1861, Film and the Holocaust, Europe since 1789, the World at War 1914-1918, and the Second World War. I've published in several academic journals including: Scientia Militaria: Journal of South African Military Studies; Focus on German Studies; German Studies Review; Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History; and Essays in History. 

    In terms of hobbies, I am an avid gamer and have competed in international gaming competitions, I'm a big Marvel movie fan, I watch history documentaries a lot, and I love sports teams from Washington D.C. (Nationals, Capitals, Commanders, Wizards, Mystics). I also love to spend time with my baby niblings.

    When it comes to Civics, U.S. History, and U.S. economics, I am particularly interested in learning more about the role of the European process of Enlightenment and its effects on American philisophes.

    When it comes to AP World and European History, I am particularly interested in learning more about the impact of European Empire in Africa--for example, my current dissertation research investigates German settler colonialism in German Southwest Africa (Namibia) from 1828-1933 and I wrote my master's thesis as an investigation of British soldiers in German East Africa (Tanzania) from 1914-1918.  

    When it comes to AP Human Geography, I am particularly interested in learning more about the theoretical framework where historical processes have impacted modern cultures.

    I have an office phone 336-316-5800 ext. 59626, but the BEST way to reach me is via email at reagins@gcsnc.com

Mr. Reagin